How to Erase Lost Google Pay Account? Delete Gpay Upi-id

Delete Google Pay account

You must complete the steps listed below in order to remove your Google Pay account.

Select the Banking account option by clicking on it after selecting the profile picture of your Google Pay account in the top right corner.

To delete your GPay account, choose Close Account from the menu.

Finally, remove the app from your smartphone to finish the removal process.

Can You Remove Your Google Pay Account?

If you have no intention of using Google Pay any longer, you may remove your account.

How Can a Lost Phone Be Used to Cancel the Google Pay Account?

There are two options for Android users to deactivate their GPay account.

Method #1: All GPay subscribers are urged to phone 18004190157 anytime their mobile devices go missing. Pick an expert to talk with when you contact them. Call centre staff: request that your Google Pay account be blocked.

Method #2: To stop someone from accessing your Google account, you may select to remotely remove your GPay data if you use an Android device.

How can I remove transaction history from my Google Pay account?

You may delete transaction history in the manner described below.

Enter the Google Account option on

Select the Data and Personalization button, then click the My Activity link that appears.

Select the subject or item you wish to remove by finding it.

Select Google Pay after selecting a date or the option to remove everything.

Click the Ok tab after selecting the Delete option. Select Delete all Google Pay activity from the pop-up menu before selecting Delete.Delete Google Pay account

How Can I Remove My Google Pay Account on an Ios Device?

Follow the instructions below to remove the GPay account from your iPhone or iOS device.

  • Select the Bank account option after clicking on your picture.
  • The account you wish to delete is selected.
  • Click the Remove account tab from the More option now.

Read Also:

How is Google Pay Account Chat Deleted?

You must sign into your account in order to deactivate the Google Pay account conversation.

  • Select the conversation you wish to remove by long-pressing it in your chat history.
  • After long pressing the dialogue, you may choose the erase tab by clicking.
  • To delete the conversation, just press the button once.

How is a Google Pay Upi Id Deleted?

  • Open the Google Pay app on your phone and follow the steps listed below to erase the Google Pay UPI ID.
  • Visit the Payment Methods section of your profile and then click on the bank’s name.
  • To access the manage UPI ID, click the bank’s name once again.
  • Click the Delete button after selecting the bank UPI ID.
  • Click the Continue tab when a pop-up window inquiring whether you wish to erase the UPI ID appears.
  • When you confirm the deactivation or deletion, a Pending status will appear.
  • Your UPI ID will be completely deleted when the deletion was made on the GPay website.


Make sure your GPay is promptly cancelled or locked if your phone is misplaced to stop anybody from using it. Read the other helpful instructions in this article before doing any of the aforementioned GPay account-related tasks.

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