How to Download Big Cash App | Earn Money 2022

Bigcash App

The Big Cash is a smartphone application that enables you to make money and has successfully rewarded numerous users in a short time since its inception.

Using this earning program, doing basic chores like playing games or completing surveys might earn you a sizable sum of money.

This app has about one lakh downloads in India. You may pick from 15 various Big Cash App game kinds when you download the app, and as 

BIG CASH Performances:


The majority of the offerings provide you between 500 and 3000 coins.


After utilizing the offer, you will get coins in a minute.


You get 20% of your friend’s coin earnings for life when they download the app and enter your invite code.

PAYPAL, Amazon, or other exciting gift cards

To get any $15 Gift Card, including Paypal Cash, Amazon, Play Store Gift Cards, and many more, you simply need 2500 coins.

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How Can I Get the Big Cash Pro App For Nothing?

  • You can get this software for free.
  • You must follow the instructions listed below in order to download the Big Cash App pro app.
  • To download, click the link that is given below.
  • Download the Big Cash app.
  • After the installation is finished, join up for the website using your Facebook account to get Rs. 10 as a welcome bonus after doing so.

Finally, connect your Paytm account to start receiving money fast and often.Bigcash App

How Does the Big Cash App work?

Several suggestions on how to utilize the Big Cash-

  • You may choose to participate in a game or a tournament after logging into the app.
  • You may either invest the bonus points you earned by playing a game, or you can continue by adding your own money, to make money from this app.
  • You must play in major poker, fantasy football, or cricket tournaments if you want to earn more money.
  • For access to the Big Cash, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You compete in a league with around 3–4 other players. The game is won by the person who scores the most points.

You can even play one-versus-one in a few games.

How Does Big Cash pay out?

There are four methods to profit from Big Cash.

  • By signing up using your Facebook account, you can make money.
  • To get money, you may sign up for certain leagues.
  • You may earn money by introducing friends; for each referral, you will get Rs. 15/-.
  • Any of the games listed below may be played to make money.
  • This game has more than 2 crore participants. Every day, about 5 lakh winners get payouts. To earn money from matches, adhere to the instructions below.
  • Select the Big Cash app game you want to play.
  • A contest like Cash or Big Cash Token Live is another option.
  • Enter one of these competitions and compete for great rewards.

How to Take money out of Big Cash

The actions listed below must be followed in order to withdraw money from BigCash.

  1. Select Redeem from the Settings menu’s left-hand side.
  2. You are brought to a screen where you must

There are two choices available: Rs. 50 or Rs. 100. Furthermore, you are only permitted to redeem once per 24 hours.

  1. Click the Paytm button after inputting the Paytm information.
  2. It will display a pop-up saying,

“Congratulations, your Paytm account will soon be credited with money.

  1. You must pay 9% of the total amount you want to withdraw as a processing charge.

The Big Cash pro app: is it Secure?

The excellent news is that the Big Cash pro app is 100 percent safe and incredibly secure if you’re wondering if it’s safe or not.

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