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The hinge dating app is a kind of more modernized and a little bit different and created in the motto to be deleted. So, Guys Let have a look at Hinge dating app reviews from various sources, including Reddit, so that we can know it far better and take the essential safety guidelines before using it.

Hinge is a bit different than Bumble ( another dating app ), and it has both positives and negatives. So we’re going to get all the nitty-gritty stuff about it. The first thing I want to mention is like a minimal option today. So just like every other dating app, you know, you can look at pictures and give someone his bio and kind of swipe left, swipe right. That general idea is still there, but they give you minimal options. This feature makes Hinge a little better as compared to other dating apps.

In other dating apps, you have to signup and create a new account, but in Hinge, you can signup with Facebook.Thus connecting with Facebook makes the signup process more comfortable.

Other dating app shows matching option based on the location and displays a suggestion to those whom you can know after you meet them. They match you with some stranger whom you can’t say by any third person. But hinge dating app will find your dating match from your Facebook mutual friend contacts only.

This feature makes you know the person a little bit more from your mutual friend, and then it all depends on you whether to date or not. This option is best for safety so, more person finds themselves satisfied in giving Hinge dating app reviews in play store.

Hinge Dating App Reddit Reviews:-

People using Hinge, tinder, and Bumble had given different Hinge dating app reviews. Some posted that they have all the same photos on all three apps, but they notice that they get more luck on Hinge (usually at least five likes/matches per day), whereas on the other apps, it’s much fewer. Mostly hinge dating app users on Reddit noticed that a lot of women post on Hinge, saying that they’re having trouble getting matches on Hinge, but in Tinder and Bumble, they get the regular steady influx of events. It is so curious about Hinge’s algorithm, according to Hinge dating app Reddit users.

Some hinge dating app reviews on Reddit posted that Hinge is a great dating app. It’s spotless, doesn’t have a lot or barely any sketchy profiles. They also mentioned that the matches were friendly. Besides some excellent reviews, some said the Hinge dating app on Reddit that it’s a bit slower than other dating apps.

Hinge Dating App Features – How To Use

After knowing a brief Hinge dating app reviews now, let’s come to know about some features of the Hinge dating app like how to use hinge dating app features to provide options like signing up, phone verification, updating profiles, etc.

Follow the steps below to use hinge dating app:-

You can download hinge dating app from playstore , itunes.

Profile section:

You can use Facebook to signup to make follow this process more comfortable, and now complete the profile by filling information about you.

After you complete the signup process now, the next step is to complete your profile by uploading photos of you that will display over your profile. You can’t proceed to the next without uploading the maximum of six photos ( compulsory ).

Hinge gives you the option to complete your profile by choosing images from your Facebook account. But still, you want to change any profile pics out of the six pics you need to delete and replace with another photo of you.

After uploading photos, now comes the step of writing a prompt answer, which is just like a fill in the blanks or like form filling. You have to give some descriptions about yourself, which will be shown below your profile so that people can know a little bit more about you before making contact seeing on to your profile.

Filling and completing all those profile stuff will give your profile a different look. Seeing on your profile will make you gain more and more likes and finding your correct matches.

Hinge Contacting Feature:

The Hinge has a fantastic contact feature, which makes its user quite comfortable to access its interface.

1. Display of matches just like a bingo game. It scrolls round and round you have to wait for some time and then boom your event is here.

2. You can’t like the complete profile in the Hinge app; you can like a specific part of someone’s profile for sending likes to your matches.

3. You can give free likes, and also comments are open without any charge.

4. The Hinge has set a limit to send a message only to mutual matches. Indirectly your mutual friend is a mediator for bringing both of you to close. Don’t forget to thank your mutual friend if you find a good match.

5. You can scroll and visit everyone’s profile you like. You cannot find any option of hiding privacy for the Hinge app user.

6. If you have purchased the preferred membership plan of the dating app, you can use all the contacting features like Sending unlimited likes, comments, and messages. Still, for free users, some features of sending and getting likes are limited.

7. The Hinge had set a limit of sending ten likes per day only for the free membership.

8. Now start sending likes and comment on other profiles. If they like you back, congratulations, you’re a match and ready to date.

9. You can browse photos to find the matches, swipe right if you are interested, and in the same way, swipe left if you are not. If you swiped on both the left and right sides, you found your match.

10. If you are a girl and you want to chat, then keep going on because your matching will expire after 24 hours if you don’t respond.

11. If you’re a man, swipe, and watch your inbox.

12. You can also check hinge dating app reviews on the play store if you still don’t trust the app.

Sending likes

Sending likes is as same as getting notifications on Facebook. If you liked a profile of someone, he would receive an app notification on the Hinge, showing your name on his interface that you have liked his profile. You can read this notification by tapping on the heart button, showing the profile below. We can’t love the total pattern of any hinge user, but you can only like a particular part of the profile. You can either like their photo or their description. Hinge also provides a feature to add a comment with your like. So that you can start your conversation.


Hinge scrolls like a bingo before showing the profile for your best match. If speed up like roulette in the casino becomes fast and slows down and then display pattern for your matching. They have an automated feature of showing the matching profile. If you don’t like the showed match recommend by Hinge, then you can click on the ‘X’ button to let them out, and Hinge will reveal more recommendations. The Hinge will now scroll-like roulette again to show you the next profile recommendation.

Hinge Profile:

1. You cannot keep your profile blank. Profile of hinge users should be complete in front of other profiles

2. Your slam book filled promptly will be displayed on other’s profiles while searching a match. So filled it carefully so that no spelling mistake occurs and build your good impression.

3. The about me section on the app makes the user get a quick knowledge of your profile.

4 Photos are stuck magnetically to the pattern, and while clicking on it will display the hidden caption that you want to place for every photo. The caption and pictures don’t show at one time.

5. You are your boss to choose what to display on your hinge profiles. It depends on you how you will find it. You can post both truths and lie too because nobody is going on to check to come to you. But I recommend creating an accurate profile. These do not create any issue in the future if you find your best matching date partner. From a lot of options like Personal details and photos, you can choose which one to display.

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Hinge Special Feature:

Hinge recommends you for safe dating, so you must be careful while dating an unknown. This App advised keeping updated your dating details with your family so that no further problem will arise when you are with your partner. Safe dating is the only thing in which hinge refers to its user.

Real-life Review:

“I guess it makes sense. Same time. As I said, there is a good selection of guys, in my opinion. And I think guys are pretty attractive, and it is probably the most diverse app I have been. Based on eHarmony and bumbo, the guys I fear are the most diverse. There’s a lot of different ethnic intensities, different backgrounds, people from different walks of life, like a lot of people wearing suits and go until like finance jobs than people who work in more like Hands-On jobs. So I feel like there’s a bit more of like a variety of people on Hinge.”

Free services:

1. You can view complete member profiles for free

2. You can chat with any of your mutual matches.

3. You can receive all notification for free if someone likes your profile.

4. You can signup and start using it for free from the first day.

5. No limit if sending messages it’s all free.

Fee-based Services:

1. You can like an unlimited profile; there is no limit of liking profile.

2. Advance feature to see who is wanting your profile and contact them too.

Payment Option:

The Hinge has a payment option of credit card for paying the monthly or quarterly membership.

You can pay on when you are ready to take the preferred membership.


1. Is there any age limit for joining Hinge?

Yes, if you have reached 18 or above 18th, then you are free to join Hinge membership

2.How to signup for Hinge?

Hinge provides you the only option to signup from Facebook and then verifying your mobile number (by sending OTP ) at the time signing-up.

3. Does Hinge offer premium membership?

Hinge offers premium membership in package duration of 1, 3, and 6 months.

4. Will I charged automatically from my credit card for using hinge membership?

Yes, If you have taken Hinge’s premium membership and submitted your credit card details on Hinge, then your membership plan will be auto-renewed every month until you cancel it.

5. Is there any way to cancel premium membership?

Yes, it’s all depend upon you. You can cancel your Hinge premium membership anytime by going from your menu option than to account settings, and clicking on cancel membership.

6. Is there any possibility to get refund for unused premium membership time?

Once paid, money cannot be refunded will be given because Hinge does not refund your money back. So decide if before taking a preferred membership plan.

7. I don’t have any credit card can I still take preferred membership ??

No, currently, Hinge only provides membership to credit cardholders. You can apply if you don’t have a credit card.


1. How does Hinge provide a perfect match for me?

Hinge is an online dating app. It is developed only for providing matching pairs and make them come in a relationship. You can also get in a link if you try the hinge app.

2. Can I find matching pairs on Hinge?

Yes, you can date any of the members you want, but that must be on your mutual friend list only. You can send them like showing that you are interested in them.

3. Why am I not able to delete my pics from my profile?

Hinge doesn’t provide you to delete photos from your profile in return; it gives you an option to replace your photo by uploading a new photo.

4. Can I give both comments and like at the same time?

You can do only one of them. Both these features are not permitted to use until now.

5. Can I contact them who sent me likes?

If you have taken Hinge Preferred Membership, then definitely, you can view and contact them too just by clicking on the ‘Who Liked Me” option.

If you’re a standard member, you can only view them.


Hinge Dating App

Meeting strangers is exciting, but you should always be careful while dating someone you don’t know. The Judge yourself to keep your safety first; There’s a lot of difference between texting and meeting. You can’t control the mood of anyone, so keeping yourself safe is your first responsibility while using Hinge or any other dating app.

You must be careful with the following online safety:-

1. Never Send Money or Share any bank or credit card details

Never send money by any means to unknown cause hinge don’t guarantee you to pay your losses even if the person claims to be in an emergency. It can be an online fraud. It is impossible to get the money back after it’s already gone. If any user asks for money, kindly report it immediately on the contact us section available in the app.

2. Protect Your Data for safety

Protect Your Account by keeping strong passwords and don’t keep a clue so that the user can quickly know your password. Always change your password at regular intervals.

Follow these steps while meeting new people:-

1. Meet in Public places and Stay within Public areas

It would be best if you met for the first few times in a public place, especially not at home or any other private place. If your date forces meet in a secret area, end it.

2. Inform Friends and Family About Your dating plans

Don’t go out without informing anyone, always inform to tell a friend or family member about your plans. Have your phone fully charged while going out.

Is the hinge dating app good?

Hinge already highlighted a tag that “Designed to be Deleted” It means Hinge wants their members to delete the app once they find a perfect match. This App indirectly show the banner to find TRUE LOVE. Hinge believes that nowadays, most singles stuck on dating apps to find someone, and the dating cycle continues again and again. However, most of the dating apps don’t exactly provide something like serious relationships. But this app aims to do so.

Looking at hinge dating app features and hinge dating app reviews. I can say that the idea of making the app as good as it thought so much about the users instead of providing rushing and irritating features. The app is suitable for those people who are looking for something more dangerous than a casual affair. Hinge app also has a moto to make their users not to spend too much time on scrolling profiles.

For some people, the experience with the hinge app not seemed to be much good; they mentioned that they repeatedly saw the same people on Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble.

Some users don’t like getting their Facebook profile to display on Hinge, and for this feature, people often don’t like Hinge.

How much does hinge cost ??

Hinge Dating App

Hinge is free to use for the first three months after signup and where you can apply your free trial, but after completion of 3 months, It charges a monthly membership fee of $5 to $13 depending upon the member subscription feature.

The subscription plan for using Hinge are as follows:-

1. Per month subscription plan- $12.99

2. Three months subscription at $6.99 per month for a total of $20.97

3. Six months subscription $4.99 per month for a total of $29.94

The advantage of taking preferred membership is unlimited liking capabilities, but in free membership can get up to 10 likes per day only.

Is Hinge a hookup app ??

Hinge Dating App

The app aims to hook up people. You can hook up with strangers depending on your interest. You can find a stranger to meet them date them or carry your relationship forward. Hooking up with people and make a good relationship is the only aim of the hinge app. Hinge dating app reviews about hooking up for series relationships make the people loved the app. No dating app says to delete after a date. But the hinge app does so cause it wants to create a series relationship among users to find their perfect match.

Do you have to pay for the hinge dating app ??

Hinge Dating App

As above, while explaining hinge dating app reviews, I informed that the hinge dating app is free for only three months with limited features, but it then charges a Preferred membership depending upon the type of premium membership you want to buy. The more extended duration membership you buy, the more discount you will get from the hinge app.

My Final words for Hinge dating app reviews

This app gives information about people and matches them as fast as possible so that they can hangout date and make connections with themselves. Hinge is “designed to be deleted” not for endless simple photo-matching, but its Moto is to met new people and falling in love and get married. These are some hinge dating app reviews and its feature that you can not find in another dating app.


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