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Instagram Profile

Users cannot enlarge, magnify, or download their profile photo on Instagram. Third-party applications are the sole means of doing that. In this post, I’ll explain how to grab an Instagram profile photo from any device using Inflact.Users cannot enlarge, magnify, or download their profile photo on Instagram. Third-party applications are the sole means of doing that. In this post, I’ll explain how to grab an Instagram profile photo from any device using Inflact.

When they see fresh modifications to the Instagram profile photographs of their followers, individuals might get intrigued.

  • What cosmetics do they wear?
  • What clothing do they wear?
  • “Was the shot taken in Hawaii?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about those Instagram profile photographs. not to mention download them.

They are only visible in the upper-left corner of their profile or while they are passing by the row of your Stories.

To satisfy your interest, you should understand how to download the profile image using other programmes.

I’ve created two distinct tutorials here for desktop (Windows & MacOSX) and mobile (Android & iPhone).

How can I save my Instagram profile photo to my computer?

3 steps for either Windows or MacOSX

There is one simple option to save an Instagram profile image from desktop browsers before we begin the lesson.

  • But it is no longer effective.
  • If you want to know, it was like that.
  • After selecting “Copy Image Address,” paste the URL into a new tab.
  • The greater size is obtained by removing the size (s150x150/), and presto! The picture may be saved to your computer.
  • Instagram tightly safeguards its users at the moment.
  • Even using desktop browsers, you cannot do anything on the profile image.
  • I’ll utilise Inflact in this example instead of downloading an Instagram profile photo using a desktop browser.
  • It is free, extremely well-designed, and simple to use. Only a username is required to download the Instagram profile image.
  • Even private accounts and those who placed you on the blacklist may use it.
  • Additionally, it works with a wide variety of browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
  • Additionally, you may download ANYTHING, including whole feeds and profile images.

Additionally, you may mass download and save with one click for many. Imaginary, huh?

These 2 easy steps will show you how to utilise Inflact:

  1. Under ‘DP’ input the username’s profile, then click ‘Download’. Wait for the picture to load.
  2. After that, you will see the enlarged image of the profile picture. Click ‘Download’ and it will be saved automatically on your PC.

 Instagram Profile

How can I save an Instagram profile photo on my phone? iPhone & Android in 5 simple steps

  • It’s more convenient to use applications if you work on a mobile device, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android.
  • In reality, you can find a tonne of applications to assist you download Instagram profile images if you visit the Play Store or App Store.
  • Sorry, but a lot of them are mediocre, rife with problems, and overrun with advertisements.
  • You also need a simple tool that doesn’t use iPhone storage.
  • Therefore, picking a free noise-generating tool through the browser is preferable than downloading programmes.

And what’s this? Again, using Inflact is the best option for me.

Before downloading an image, Inflact allows you to preview it. While some can’t, it could be a superb Instagram profile photo viewer.

The procedures are pretty similar to the desktop lesson. Let’s begin:

  • For a fast shortcut, click this link.
  • It will look like this after clicking the ‘DP’ menu item.
  • Enter the username of the profile whose profile photo you want to download. Tap “Download.”
  • You may now view the profile image in large format. To download the image, click “Download.”
  • By registering with Inflact, you may also download all of the photographs from the account’s feeds at once.

You may download any kind of Instagram material from this page for free:

  • Photos
  • Videos (ex IGTV)
  • Photos of profiles
  • Stories
  • Reels

And it’s pretty easy.

Simply copy the file’s URL or enter your username, and Inflact will open the file for you instantly.

Then, to download them to your device, click “Download.”

By just joining up, you may also download the whole profile’s contents in advance.

The finest Instagram profile photo downloader ever is Inflact, in fact.

All done!

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That was simple, wasn’t it?

  • You may quickly peek at the profile image of a follower if you use the right tools additionally, keep them.
  • I’ve recommended a number of tools in this course, and I now know which is the best: Inflact.
  • It is cost-free and simple to use.
  • Any material already on a user’s account, including posts, stories, reels, etc., may also be downloaded.
  • Additionally, unlike other services, Inflact lets you preview the profile photo before saving it.
  • Inflact is the finest Instagram profile picture viewer if all you want to do is look at the picture and don’t want to use up all your storage space for one image.
  • That’s all, then. I’m available to assist you if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Question

Can PC users still download Instagram profile pictures?

Absolutely, yes. But you can no longer left-click the picture. To save them, you’ll still want a programme like Inflact or Instagram Downloads.

What is the greatest Instagram picture downloader that is also free?

It’s Inflact every time. Everything from a user’s Instagram profile is accessible for viewing and saving. It has a clean, user-friendly UI. It is accessible on Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome. Additionally, you may bulk-download whole profiles.

Is it OK to download photos from Instagram users?

Actually, no. However, they want Instagram to remain a non-exclusive social media platform with royalty-free material, as stated in the Instagram Terms of Use. In addition, don’t individuals share stuff to get praise from others? I believe that downloading an Instagram profile photo is OK as long as you don’t reuse it for commercial purposes.

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