Govchat App Registration 2022, Login To Apply?

Govchat App

Nearly 80% of South Africans have no idea who their local public officials are. The best channel for connecting with the government is the government chat. From this app, communities may learn a lot about their region and their rights.

The software claims that both the community and the government will profit in three ways from its usage.

It would encourage people to interact with the government.

Through this forum, the lack of responsibility of government leaders may be openly discussed.

Through this platform, tracking of the numerous local government service delivery may be readily monitored.

How Can I Register for Govchat?

This is how you sign up for GovChat.

    • Go to and log in before selecting the registration link.
    • Select a favored account. Establish a password.
    • Create a profile for yourself and add your location.
  • Check the membership category that you want.
  • Accept the terms and conditions as confirmed.
  • To finish the sign-up procedure, click.

You would get an activation email in your inbox. Join any communication platform of your choosing after activating your account and following the instructions.

To use the app on your device, you must have a Javascript application.

How Do I Login to Govchat?

You’ll need both your phone number and password to log in. You must log into Govchat to apply if you wish to use the Govchat services without difficulty.Govchat App

How Can I Use the Govchat App to Apply for a Sassa Grant?

First and foremost, you must only apply once. You may apply for your SASSA grant using any of the websites, but there should only be one application.

You must do the following actions in order to submit an application for the award through the SASSA website.

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How to Access Govchat.

  • It will direct you to the login page where you must enter your phone number to log in.
  • A four-digit code will be sent to your phone; you must input it here.
  • If you do not want to take the medical assessment, close the pop-up window.
  • Go to the SASSA grant page from here. To apply for a grant, select the appropriate tab. Choose the grant for social relief of distress.
  • Once more, a pop-up will appear asking you to enter the reference number that WhatsApp generated before you can click Get Form. Click on create a new form if you don’t already have one.
  • A reference number that can be used to track application forms would be generated.
  • Application Conditions
  • Through the app, these criteria may be readily met.
  • Refugee permit numbers or the South African Identity Number are given out by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • full name as it appears on the identification card.
  • contact information, such as a mobile phone number.
  • It is necessary to indicate gender. You should also note any temporary or permanent disabilities you may be experiencing.
  • Your full postal address.

How Can I Apply for Govchat App Ecd?

  • Visit the website at
  • On the right side of the page, choose the ECD Fund.
  • For the Govchat ECD, a bank account is required.
  • Click the link to create an account.
  • After completing each section, press the submit button.

How Can I Get the Govchat App?

The GovChat app is readily available from the Google Play store. The only thing left to do is install it.

Here Is The Downloading Link. To Download Click Here

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