Free Iphone and Android Faxing App of 2022. Learn the Ins and Outs of Using a Free Fax App.

free fax app

You may use one of many free fax applications for iOS devices to use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod as a fax machine. You can quickly send and receive faxes using these applications. Pushing a tab is all that is necessary to send and receive faxes. One may send and receive faxes using the toll-free number that the software temporarily allots to its users for 24 hours.

In addition to faxing individuals, you may also sign and instantly fax completed forms and papers without even printing them. The majority of these free fax applications seamlessly connect to Dropbox and your email account.

Which Free Fax App for the iPhone in 2021 is the Best?

There are several fax app variations available right now. DingTone is currently the finest of them. It delivers security that rivals that of the military and complies with HIPAA faxing regulations. DingTone is somewhat more expensive than the competition. DingTone costs $9.99 and gives 50 additional credits for 500 credits. You will get 100 credits after purchasing 1000 credits, which works out to a cost of $18.99.

How Do I Use the Free iPhone Fax App?

Here are the procedures you need to think about if you want to use your iPhone as a fax machine.

  • You must choose to Send a Free Fax after installing the Ding tone app.
  • Include information like the recipient’s name and fax number.
  • Add any further remarks you may have on the fax.
  • To add a document to the fax that is being sent, click the scan/add documents button.
  • From the device’s location, choose the file or the picture.
  • Press the Write text button or the Scan a document tab if you want to generate a document.
  • Editing an attachment as needed is also important if you have one.
  • To send the fax to the receiver, click the Send tab after seeing its preview.
  • How does an iPhone fax work?
  • You must apply the following procedures in order to send a fax from your iPhone.

free fax app

The iPhone Notes May Be Used to Send the Fax.

The note may be copied or exported to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.

To tag the document before sending the fax, use a program like DingTone.

Online Ding Tone Faxing is the Best Faxing Software for Android and iPhone.

One of the greatest fax app alternatives on the market is reportedly DingTone. This is one of the tops with around 16000 users and a 99.93% success rate for sending faxes. Sending faxes from anywhere at any time is feasible with DingTone because of its infinite faxing capabilities and selection of different fax cover sheets.

Free Faxing From an iPhone?

Although most fax applications offer free trials, they are not really free. Some charge a lot, while others charge less or with more flexibility. The DingTone applications, which provide credits for a certain cost, are one such program.

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It’s easier than you would think to fax a document from your iPhone.


If you need a fax app right now, read this post to learn how simple it is to utilize your phone as a fax machine. Try out the one we advise or go with the one you believe will satisfy your needs.

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