Free Golden Zip Lock Screen App apk [2022] – Paperearn App.


The newest screen lock for Android users is the Paperearn Golden Zip Lock app. If you’re seeking for a distinctive phone lock, this will be the lock to use. Additionally, “paper earn” is a website that provides original technology-related articles online.

People are seeking for their app, but Paperearn has not yet released one. But if you get it from the Google Play store, you may enjoy utilising this fantastic Golden zip lock software. If you want to acquire the download link for the app and learn more about it, continue reading.

Please take note that while people search for (papeream, paperean, pepaream, peparean, peperearn, peparan), the website’s real name is Paperearn.paperearn

Details of the Golden zip Lock App

The incredible Android software with various screen lock capabilities is called Gold Lock screen. It has been very well explained by However, the software offers many of fantastic features, such as the ability to change the lock screen’s background and appearance.

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Features of the gold lock screen

  • Users of the app may quickly set their home screen and lock screen background
  • This programme allows you to modify your lock screen in a special way.
  • The information or alerts shown on the zipper lock screen may be customised in terms of typeface.
  • Users may customise the zipper lock screen’s colour, shape, and appearance.¬†

You may preview the gold lock screen after each successful change before saving it.

The Paperearn Golden Lock App: How Do I Download It?

Using our supplied link or the Google Play store, you may download the app. Only Android users can currently download the app; iPhone users are not yet able to do so. Therefore, if you’re searching for this programme on the iPhone, go to the Apple App Store and type in “Golden Lock screen app.” You will undoubtedly discover an alternative to that app there.

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