Free Fire Tecnical Akash and Devilajit Trick: How to Get Free Diamonds?

Free Fire diamonds

Diamonds are a virtual good that you must acquire via gameplay. There are, however, methods you may utilise to produce the free diamonds and use them in your game.

Where Can I Acquire Free Fire Diamonds for Nothing?

Numerous additional sites, including those listed below, also provide the Free Fire gems.

The app Booyah!

On this official Free Fire sharing website, you may share and take part in all the many contests and Fire events to get free diamonds.

Opinion Rewards from Google

By participating in their surveys and responding to their polls, you may earn Google Play Credits and iTunes Gift Cards.

Simple Rewards

Participate in surveys and polls from this page to earn Google Play credits to use to buy diamonds for the game.

Activate codes

The game flashes redemption codes during ESCORTS competitions or events.

  • Visit the Free Fire Rewards page to redeem your points.
  • Log in with your Twitter, Facebook, Apple ID, or Google account.
  • Click the claim prize button after entering the redemption code.
  • The prizes from redeeming codes are applied to the account within a day.
  • How to acquire Free Fire gems without a top-up, PayTm, or any other app
  • Here are the requirements for the other two methods to get diamonds for free in Free Fire.

Employ giveaways

You may enter various prizes by visiting various YouTube and Instagram pages. These often provide free gems.

YouTube personalised rooms

You may choose to participate in a number of YouTube custom rooms where incentives come in the shape of free diamonds.

Get Diamonds Without Using Any App or Paytm

Giveaways are often the greatest method for obtaining free diamonds. In general, giveaways are given out in the form of free diamonds, with some giving away up to 1000 gems. Use those diamonds in your game by taking them.

Instead of giving out cash as payment via affiliate networks, aim to earn gift cards that you may use to buy diamonds.Free Fire diamonds

What App Offers the Most Free Diamonds?

Here are three applications from which you may choose to get free diamonds.

  • Opinion Awards from Google.
  • Poll Pay is the next item on the list.
  • You may also give the Booyah app a go.
  • Redeem coupon for Free Fire

You may earn free coupons every day to use on the Free Fire rewards redemption website. You must download them from the redemption site and utilise them normally in your game in order to use them.

How to Technical Acquire Free Fire Unlimited Gems Ace Trick

  • Your Free Fire diamonds come from Winzo Gold, which is where you may find them.
  • To activate the link, share the reference URL for 10,000 diamonds with your friends.
  • When you join with a fresh number, you may see a join giveaway option from the Winzo Lobby.
  • Once the draw is finished in seven days, the winners will each get 500 diamonds as part of the giveaway reward.

How Can I Use the Free Fire Devilajit Trick’s limitless Diamonds Feature?

You need a resource generator that allows you to enter the desired quantity of diamonds into the hack site and have them created instantly.

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Can you Obtain As Many Diamonds As you Want in Free Fire?

Yes, you can make money by employing people. You will get Rs. 4000, which is equivalent to a Garena free fire diamond valued $99.99, if you employ 10 individuals.


Here is some information about cheats, gimmicks, and free diamond generators. Utilize them to embellish your game and use them to get free diamonds.

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