Facts About Natalie Desselle Reid’s Life, Death, Wealth 2022, Spouse, and Wedding

Natalie Desselle

Natalie Desselle: Good day, readers We’ll talk about Natalie Desselle’s net worth in this post today. She was an actress from the USA.

Along with her net worth, we will go through Natalie’s early years, profession, personal life, and much more in this post. Read this article through to the end.

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Natalie Desselle Bio and Net Worth 2022

Natalie Ann Desselle-Reid is her full name. She has so far contributed to a number of movies, including Cinderella, B.A.P.S., How to Be a Player by Def Jam, Set It Off, and B.A.P.S.

She has contributed to a number of TV shows, including Built to Last, For Your Love, and Eve, in addition to movies. Her career was thoroughly covered in the other portion of this page.
Net worth of Natalie Desselle-Reid: American actress Natalie Desselle-Reid has a net worth of $500,000. In July 1967, Natalie Desselle-Reid was born in Alexandria, Louisiana. While attending Grambling State University, she took the stage in several shows.Natalie Desselle belongs to Actors.


  • Who’s that?: Actor
  • Date of Birth: July 12, 1967
  • born in the United States
  • 53 years old, Cancer birth sign
  • Net worth: $500,000.
  • Gender: Female

What Kind of Career Has Natalie Desselle had?

Natalie Desselle Reid became interested in theatre while attending Grambling. She took part in several performances when she was a student at Grambling. In 1996, Natalie made her acting debut in the movie “Set It Off,” which was followed by a starring role in “Def Jam’s How to Be a Player.” On September 24, Natalie made her television debut with “Built to Last.”

On November 2, 1997, Natalie played Minerva, the wicked stepsister, in the television adaptation of Cinderella. In 1998, Natalie made her television debut on “Getting Personal.” She portrayed Eunetta in the television program “For Your Love” from 1998 to 2002. She made her acting debut on television in the “Yes, Dear” episode “Kim’s New Nanny” in 2002.

In the movies “Sweet Hideaway” from 2003 and “Gas” from 2004, Natalie starred. She had an appearance in the television program “Eve” from 2003 until 2006. Additionally, she acted in the 2011 television production “Freaknik: The Musical” and the 2010 motion picture “Queen Victoria’s Wedding.” In “Madea’s Big Happy Family,” she played Tammy in 2011.

Along with these roles, Natalie has been in a number of other movies and TV series, such as “Let Lorenzo,” “Zoe Gone,” “A Mother’s Rage,” and “Ya Killin’ Me.” She also had a cameo role on “Family Matters.” Natalie is most well-known for playing Mickey in the movie “B.A.P.S.” She had kept her colon cancer a secret from her loved ones and friends.

Star of “Eve” and “B.a.p.s.” Natalie Desselle Reid Dies at Age 53
Natalie Desselle

After starring in “Eve” and “B.A.P.S.” with Halle Berry, Natalie Desselle Reid, 53, died suddenly from colon cancer. “She was a shining light. a queen specifically. The statement reads that she is an excellent wife and mother.

“She will always be remembered because of how many people her work affected. On December 7, 2020, Je’Caryous Johnson, the CEO of Je’Caryous Entertainment, made the announcement of her passing. We appreciate your consideration for our privacy while we mourn and grieve this horrible loss.

“B.A.P.S.” was a play that Je’Caryous Entertainment was developing. Her relatives said that colon cancer caused her death. Reid was thanked on social media by “Eve” for his optimism and passion.

What Race Did Natalie Desselle Belong to?

On July 12, 1967, Natalie Desselle was born in Alexandria, Louisiana. She was a citizen of the United States and of African origin. She was of African descent. Her 53rd birthday was recently observed. Desselle was raised by his parents, Thelma and Paul Desselle (father). She was a Christian and had the horoscope sign of Cancer.

Along with her parents, she has a brother and a sister as siblings. Her sister’s identity is unknown, but her brother’s name is Sherman Desselle. She attended Grambling State University after graduating from Peabody Magnet High School and completed her studies there.

Life in the Home of Natalie Desselle

Leonard Reid, a handsome man, was married to Natalie Desselle Reid. Leonard and Natalie were hitched in 2003. Sereno, Summer, and Sasha are the names of the couple’s three kids. Before she passed away, Natalie had a good life with her spouse.

He wasn’t engaged in Natalie’s rumours and debate, either. Otherwise, Natalie’s attention was split between her personal and professional lives. Additionally, Natalie wanted to stay away from rumours and controversy.

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American actress Natalie Desselle worked in a variety of projects, including “B*A*P*S,” “Def Jam’s How to Be a Player,” “Cinderella,” “Built to Last,” “For Your Love,” and “Eve.” Recently, Madea made an appearance in “Madea’s Big Happy Family.”

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