“Drake The Type Of Guy” Memes Are Back in 2022 | See What it is?

drake the type of guy

Drake has achieved a great deal of commercial success in the hip-hop industry, yet he has very low street cred. However, the softer side of Canada’s most successful musical export (of this generation) is probably what he is best known for.

Rap royalty Drizzy may be, but his lovable gentleness puts him on the opposite end of the terrifying scale from the notoriously intimidating tycoon Suge Knight and has helped fuel the growth of a meme that refuses to die even after more than a decade.

Social media fans have been making fun of the 6ix god’s gentler side with the “Drake the type of person” meme, imagining circumstances in which the Honestly, Nevermind rapper would respond with humorous or insightful comments or actions.

The joke has been circulating since at least 2011, and it resurfaced last week in a huge way well over ten years after it initially did.

A Drake meme-filled Twitter thread has gone viral, with its first post receiving 144K likes and more than 10K retweets as of Tuesday morning.

Others have joined the jokes about Drake’s reputation as having a nice, friendly, and sometimes silly nature, traits that have led some admirers to refer to the multi-platinum artist as a cartoon.

As examples, “Drake the sort of guy to sprout a cone on his head after getting hit” and “Drake the type of guy to sprint through a wall and leave a drake-shaped hole” are used to describe the man as if he were a Loony Tunes character.

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Meme “Drake the Type of Guy”

Drake the sort of man jokes, as the name implies, are a trend where individuals discuss arbitrary facts about the artist.

Those of you who are Drake fans may have seen the popular memes in previous years because the craze is nothing new.

Basically, people make jokes about Drake being the sort of fella or dude who jumps into someone’s arms when he is terrified or the man who claps when the plane lands by beginning their sentences with “Drake the type of fella” or “Drake the type of dude.”

We’ve compiled some of the funniest jokes that people have sent on Twitter.

Despite the fact that Drake’s fans started the trend in 2013, they couldn’t help but create new memes this week.

The release of Drake’s latest album, Certified Lover Boy, may have encouraged the internet to once again go crazy speculating about the kinds of habits Drake might have.

One person said: “Drake is the kind of guy who can croon, “Fruit salad, wonderful yummy,” while eating a bowl of fruit.”

In addition to a throwback selfie of the rapper with a heart cut into his hair, another user wrote, “Drake the sort of person that count sheep as he goes to sleep.”

Along with a yearbook picture of the hitmaker, a third fan said, “Drake is the type of person to become irritated when his pals don’t wash their hands.”

Another user added, “Drake is the kind of man to get Hufflepuff in a ‘which Hogwarts house do you belong in’ quiz.”

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