Download Theft Guard: A Mobile App (Android) To Keep Your Home Safe

Thief guard mobile app

The Thief Guard Mobile App would safeguard users’ smartphones. Users of this software may quickly identify the location and appearance of the thief.

If the app is installed on the user’s phone, the phone cannot be turned off by the criminal after they have stolen it. The thief cannot flush it and cannot manipulate it in any way, but the software will enable you to be the only one with power over it.

Users may set the Thief Guard mobile security system, motorbike alarm system, and Thief Guard app apk download with the aid of the app.

Only Bangladesh presently has access to the software, and expanding its availability to other countries will take some time. After downloading the app and paying for it, users may use it for a year from the date of their purchase.


-Selfie of the invader; cease system connection; ability to shut off;

– Camera photo options with a silent shutter; – Alarms to deter pocket theft

– Setting up the phone’s ring and GPS; – Alerts for movements; – The ability to turn off the charger; – The ability to lock the phone and enable SIM card security.Thief guard mobile app

How Can I Use the Bangladeshi Thief Guard App?

– Open the Thief Guard software after installation and change the user information.

– Users must provide their cellphone number and password to log in after changing their information.

– Grant the app all of the permissions needed to function properly.

– From the app, enable the features that will be useful to you. similar to the ability to take an intruder selfie to get the address and photo of the crook. You may also wish to configure how you want to be notified of phone theft, whether it be via email or SMS. You may decide to use both SMS and email.=

– If you run into any difficulties, you may contact the support service by phone or email or obtain assistance via the website.

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How Can I Get the Free Thief Guard App?

For a free download of the Thief Guard App apk, adhere to the instructions below.

– Visit the Thief Guard website at, download the program, and install it.

– The activation code may be found in the product manual. Users must search the product handbook for the activation code after downloading the app. To verify that the software has been installed, enter the activation code.

– On the website, you may need to provide specific rights in order to download the app.

– Grant third-party access to the app.

– In doubt, go to your system’s Settings.

– If you wish to download programs from sources other than the Google Play store, click on Unknown sources from the Security page of the Settings.

The Apk Download Process

When we discuss obtaining the most recent Apk file. Due to the fact that we only provide genuine and unique Apps, Android users may have faith in our website. to ensure that the user would be amused with the appropriate goods.

We selected a knowledgeable staff that won’t only go at the documents. However, they also check to see whether the installed App is functional and virus-free. Please click on the link in the paragraph below to get the most recent version of Thief Guard for Android.

To Download The App Click Here

How to Install it?

The procedure of installation and use begins after downloading. Users of Android must carefully follow the procedures listed for this.

  • Download the most recent Apk file first.
  • Then use the conventional way to install it inside the smartphone.
  • Launch the App from the mobile menu when the installation is finished.
  • Create an account now and insert the proper data.
  • Log in to the dashboard after registering to activate the essential features.
  • which you want to turn on in the smartphone.
  • And it’s finished.

Different security solutions have previously been built by developers for Android users. And you may download some of them from our website. Visit the websites provided if you’re interested in learning more about those tools.


This is currently the most effective and secure Android application we provide for mobile consumers. If you’re willing to install and interested. then get Thief Guard Apk from our website and take use of the most advanced features without any limitations.

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