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WhatsApp and many other Android apps may be monitored and tracked online with the App use analysis and tracker for Whatsapp. It was created by the WatzTracker firm and has recently gained a lot of popularity among smartphone users.

The “App use analysis” app is a robust device/application management tool that is simple to use. Although it is free to download from the Google Play Store, membership is necessary to use the monitoring features. When the popular website released a story on this program recently, it became well-known. Numerous folks are looking for the fun brain app while searching for a Whatsapp tracker.

Users of the “Hunbrain App use analysis” are given a one-day free trial before having the option to subscribe to several weeklies, monthly, and annual subscription plans. The subscription plans are reasonably priced. The advantages of monitoring and tracking they provide consumers are priceless. Users may buy the subscription via in-app purchases once the free trial has ended. This application’s purchase process is completely secure and free of fraud.Tracker for whatsapp

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With the 1.2 version, which is suitable for all Android smartphones with a minimum version of 4.4, the “Tracker for WhatsApp” is easily accessible. The user must make sure they have 2 MB of free space on their Android devices before downloading the www.hunbrain app. The “WhatsApp Tracker” in-app purchases provide a variety of uses and advantages and vary in price from 260 INR to 1861 INR.

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The users of this android app get a lot from using it. Three separate WhatsApp numbers may be tracked simultaneously by a user with an active subscription. With this, one may keep track of their known and loved ones’ most recent sightings, daily WhatsApp use hours, data, statistics for the preceding week/month, and much more.

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Tracker for Whatsapp and Other Android Apps From Hunbrain

The “WhatsApp tracker” not only monitors WhatsApp use patterns but also those of several other Android programs we often use. One may keep an eye on how often they use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, game applications, music and video apps, photography apps, and many more services. Instant alerts for the use analysis are provided by the app.

But in addition to costly subscriptions, the WhatsApp use monitoring tracker also needs a consistent, continuous internet connection to keep track of how often users use the program.

The software wouldn’t be able to follow the user or provide them any info if the internet wasn’t steady. Furthermore, one may establish a time restriction or time reminder and get notifications for prolonged and excessive use with the help of the App tracker and usage analysis tool from Hunbrain.

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