Details About The Pandya Store Serial, Including Its Stars’ Identities And Financial Rewards

pandya store

Mohit Singh Parma

Actor Mohit Singh Parmar was born on February 5th, 1993. In the Himachal Pradesh hamlet of Nanaon, close to Palampur, he was born and raised. Atma Singh Parmar, a police officer, and Loveleen Parmar, a housewife, are his parents. Mohina, the sister of Mohit Singh Parmar, is employed in Chandigarh. Engineer by profession, Mohit. His education ended at Sri Sai University Palampur.

Mohit was a talented student who had big aspirations for his career. His love of acting, however, stepped in and convinced him to pursue it professionally. He had participated in several theatre performances back while he was getting his degree. In college, he took his first acting class.

 Harminder Singh

Born on May 19th into a Hindu family, Harminder Singh, Kuldeep Singh’s son, was originally from Thane, Mumbai. Harminder is sometimes referred to as Sid. Indian child actor Harminder is well-known for his work in the television series “Bhakarwadi” (2020). Since his debut TV ad, he has always been a cute artist. Salman Khan and he collaborated on the movie “Tubelight” (2017).

Harminder starred in the Amazon web series “Pushpavalli” in 2017. Additionally, he has appeared in a number of TV advertisements in the 2019 Hindi short film “Anaarkali.” The Bollywood star Akshay Kumar and Harminder had already been together on film. His parents manage Harminder’s social media profiles. Right now, Harmi…

Jovian Fernandes

A young artist named Jovian Fernandes is on the rise. He has a sizable fan following. In addition to being a model, he has worked with various major corporations, such as Complan.Pandya Store is an Indian television drama series that debuted on StarPlus on January 25, 2021. The show is a replica of the Tamil television series Pandian Stores from Star Vijay. Shiny Doshi, Kinshuk Mahajan, Kanwar Dhillon, Alice Kaushik, Akshay Kharodia, Simran Budharup, Desai Khan, and Mohit Parmar feature in this Sphere Origins production.

Swarnim Neema

Young artist Swarnim Neema is a promising talent. He is a talented actor and dancer. He is a talented young man with a YouTube account. His presence at Pandya shops made him highly recognised. An Indian TV dramatisation series called Pandya Store made its premiere on StarPlus on January 25, 2021. The show is a remake of the Tamil television show Pandian Stores from Star Vijay.

Shiny Doshi, Kinshuk Mahajan, Kanwar Dhillon, Alice Kaushik, Akshay Kharodia, Simran Budharup, Kruttika Desai Khan, and Mohit Parmar are among the actors who appear in this Sphere Origins production. Swarnim Neema was assigned the part of Young Krish Pandya in this. Shiny Doshi, Kinshuk Mahajan, Kanwar Dhillon, Alice Kaushik, Akshay Kharodia, and Simran feature in this Sphere Origins-produced film.

Akshay Kharodia

Model and TV serial actor from India is Akshay Kharodia. In the Star Plus series Pandya Store, Dev Pandya is his most well-known character. He has worked with several significant organisations and received many promotions. He has a sizable following. In Dehradun, Uttarakhand, on May 2, 1996, Akshay Kharodia was born. He received skilled preparation from FTII while attending school in Mumbai (Film and Television Institute of India). He has a lot of acting skill.

He is skilled in gymnastics, martial arts, and dance. Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, is where he was raised. However, he is now a resident of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He’s got a wife, after all. Divya Kharodia is his wife’s name. As a Hindu, he is. Akshay appeared in a lot of adverts for companies like…

Priya Thambi

Writer Priya Thambi is. For Mouna Raagam (2017–2021), Pagal Nilavu (2016), Pandian Stores (2018–2020), and Vadinamma, she has authored the screenplays (2019). In the Best Writer category of the 5th Annual Vijay Television Award, she received the Vijay Mask. …

Pradeep Yadav

Due to his involvement in the well-known Indian daily soap “Balika Vadhu,” Pradeep Yadav is a well-known figure in the television industry. He was given various prestigious accolades, including the ITA, Indian Telly Awards, and Golden Awards, for his directing of one of the longest-running Indian television programmes. In addition to the 2008 film Balika Vadhu, Yadav has also produced the films “Grahasti” and “Kulfi Kumar Bajewala,” both of which are very famous television series in India. In September 1999, not long after graduating, he relocated to Mumbai. Yadav wanted to do this.

Sushil Choubey

Sushil Choubey is a writer and editor for a number of Hindi television programmes. The television writing pair Shilpa and Sushil began their careers individually, but destiny brought them together as a partnership. ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahoo Thi’ on Star Plus was their first joint television production. Aaahat on Sony, Betiyaan on Zee TV, Amita ka Amit for Sony, Achank – 37 Saal Baad on Sony TV, Raat Hone Ko Hai on Sahara One, CID on Sony, and many more were produced afterwards. They also hold the record for the world’s longest discussion for a single shot, clocking in at 111 minutes, according to the Limca Book of Records.

Alice Kaushik

Beautiful Indian TV actress and model Alice Kaushik comes from. She goes by the name Ellie. She is highly recognised for making her acting debut on one of the most popular Hindi TV networks, Suryaputra Karn. She was raised in Delhi, where she was born. She is a member of the Hindu faith, and India is where she now lives. She is single and not married. After starting out as a model, Alice subsequently relocated to Mumbai to advance in her profession. Her work required her to change her name from Alice Saraswat, which was her real name, to Alice Kaushik after a period of time. Alice enjoys reading, writing poetry, and painting among other things.

Shrashti Maheshwari

Indian actress Shrashti Maheshwari is well recognised for her work in the Hindi television industry. India Shrashti, a native of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, became well-known after appearing in Big Boss Season 7. She graduated from the Bishop Conrad Senior Secondary School in Bareilly with her first schooling. She then enrolled at MJP Rohilkhand University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science.

She joined the Rang-Vinayak Mandal after becoming interested in performing while she was a student. She moved to Mumbai in 2013 and launched her career with the programme Big Fame. She then took part in Big Boss Season 7, which helped make her a household celebrity. She has performed in several roles on the small screen…

Kashvi Kothari

Kashvi Kothari, a well-known Indian young actress, is now playing the major role of Devanshi in the Devanshi television series. An emotional Hindi television programme called Devanshi Sequential airs on Colors TV every evening during the week. Sonali Jaffer and Amir Jaffer of Full House Media made the arrangement. Karuna Pandey, Aamir Dalvi, and Dolphin Dwivedi all had prominent roles in the programme. Outstanding Indian teenager Kashvi Kothari makes a great on-screen persona. She is Heta Vishal Kothari’s little daughter. She has been in a number of well-known shows, including Santoshi Maa, Adhuri Kahani Hamari, and Sasural Simar Ka. Currently, she can be seen in the Colors television series Devanshi. She moreover..

Comall Sunjoy Waddhwa

Co-founder and director of Sphere beginnings, Comall. It is a Mumbai-based TV production company that creates a variety of programming for various channels. Sujoy Waddhwa, her spouse, and she both work. Together, they have created one of the greatest serials that is really distinctive and works amazingly well. Since 2002, they have both been employed together.

She is really enthusiastic about what she does, and she always strives to come up with fresh, original ideas for her serials. She had never considered working in the television industry because they were so preoccupied with running their family company. She entered the profession in the late 1990s with the release of the telefilm Phir Se.

Sunjoy Waddhwa

Sunjo Waddhwa is a Hindi producer who mostly works on programmes that are broadcast on Indian television. He created a number of highly regarded shows for the public. Serials like Balika Vadhu, Gulaal, and Jyoti are among them. His ability to make astute observations is the source of his success mantra. He saw that the traditional Indian television serials were starting to grate on the Indian audience’s nerves. Then, after racking his brain for a fresh and original plot, he created Balika Vadhu, a programme that quickly gained popularity. Balika Vadhu premiered on Colors TV on July 21, 2008, and its final episode aired on July 31, 2016. The l… 8-year-old

Raghuvir Shekhawat

The most significant aspect of every television serial, aside from the plot, is its conversation. One such person, Raghuvir Shekhawat, is in charge of all the catchy dialogue spoken by the characters of some of the most well-known daily soap operas seen on Indian television. After working in this field for more than 20 years, Raghuvir is highly familiar with the Indian market and the tastes of the Indian public.

He was drawn to the entertainment industry by his writing talent, and he hasn’t looked back since. However, Raghuvir has not restricted himself to just TV series. He has also experimented with the film genre and written the language for movies like “Ek Chalis Ki Last Local.”

Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma performs on Hindi and English language television. He portrayed a waitress in the film The Last Saint. The movie was released in 2014 and fared rather well considering it was an action movie. He played the character of Mannish in the TV series Super City. The show debuted in 2011 and was set in New Zealand. Season 2 of that season, which debuted in 2013, featured Mohit Sharma. He portrayed Ranbir Chopra in the 2009 film Dimaag Ki Dahi, in which he portrays a lad who refuses to wed the girl of his parentschoosing. It was made available in both Hindi and English. …

Shiny DoshiDhara Pandya

Shiny Doshi is a very gifted and adaptable figure in the Indian television business. Dentist is her father. She has completed her graduation from the scientific stream. Her family members anticipated her to succeed in the field of science because she comes from a medical and well-educated household. Later, her interests changed, and she decided to pursue fashion design. Few people are aware that she is also a fashion designer in addition to her work as a television actress. “Saraswatichandra,” a popular Star Plus series, marked Shiny’s television debut. The renowned director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was in charge of the direction. The series was an adaptation of the Govardhanram Tripathi-penned Gujarati book. She noticed…

Pallavi Rao

TV actress Pallavi Rao is well known for her roles in the 2013 series Punar Vivah- Ek Nayee Umeed and the 2014 series Diya Aur Baati Hum (2011). She portrayed a terrible character with several grey areas in “Punar Vivah- Ek Nayee Umeed” (2013). Her role as “Kajri” in the 2011 film “Diya Aur Baati Hum” earned her a lot of acclaim. She has performed in several performances where she was given a few brief roles to play. She appeared in the serials “Kya Dil Mein Hai,” which aired on 9X, “Kaahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki,” and “Shakalaka Boom Boom,” in which she portrayed a lesbian character.

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Kruttika Desai

Popular theatre performer Kruttika Desai gained notoriety as a result of the TV series “Buniyaad,” which was shown in 1986 on the National Channel Doordarshan. She is a social activist in addition to being the finest actor. She claims that theatre served as her education, teaching her every facet of acting.

Although I was studying at the time and it was only a pastime, Kruttika claims that “theatre was my learning school… there, my discipline, my confidence, and my progress all happened.” also for the increased purchasing power… nonetheless, that was my Buniyad! I ultimately completed my M.A. because I wanted to study psychology. I did not complete my Ph.D. in psychology. When questioned about Buniyaad, he said, “Buniyaad rocketed me to realms of stardom that I had never conceiv…

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