Details About Season 2 of “Blood of Zeus”

Blood zeus season 2

One cannot not but make the link, at least on a surface level, between current culture’s fixation with superheroes and classical mythology. After all, both feature heroic figures engaged in titanic struggles against enemies of mankind.

The Netflix original series “Blood of Zeus” proves that the mythological characters of Zeus, Hera, and the rest of the pantheon of gods, demigods, and giants can be the subject of fresh, engaging narratives.

If you’re expecting the characters from Disney’s “Hercules,” you’re in for a big surprise; not only are they different from their Disney counterparts, but so are many other aspects of the story.

When Can We Expect to See the Second Season of Blood of Zeus?

In March of 2019 (via The Hollywood Reporter), it was reported that “Blood of Zeus,” which had previously been titled “Gods & Heroes,” will be renamed. We’re already far over that point in time in regards to Season 2, which was published around a year and a half after the first. The next season was confirmed over two years ago, but there is still no word on when we may expect to see it. Do we even have a chance now?Blood zeus season 2

Where Will Season 2 Take Us?

There is no doubt in our minds that everyone’s favourite Poor Little Meow Meow Seraphim will return, and that he will be VERY ANGRY with Heron for murdering him and preventing him from exacting his revenge. While everything is going on, I have no doubt that Heron is on Mount Olympus attempting to fill Zeus’ enormous sandals. To be honest, I have no idea how it will play out. It’s important to remember that he’s only a demigod.
Is There a Trailer for the Incest-Filled Second Season of Blood of Zeus?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I’ve been giving out golden bulls like they’re going out of style, but by 2022 we may be without a trailer. Someone should hire an animator on Fiverr to create one. A really steamy one, in which my forecasts for the second season materialise exactly as I’d hoped. That’s the kind of extraordinary achievement that gets written into legends.

Speculations Concerning the Second Season of Blood of Zeus?

After being reduced to glorified cameos in the first season, we know that Hades and Poseidon will be given significant development in the upcoming second season. Even though the authors have made many liberties with the tales (this is in no way a faithful adaptation of “Hesiod’s Theogony”), we have a good notion of what to anticipate from Season 2.

Both Zeus and Hera have been banished from Mount Olympus. That implies there will be an opportunity for a new leader to emerge to fill the void. Possibly Hades’s ultimate goal with the Seraphim is to escape his role as lord of the underworld and enjoy some time in the daylight. Heron’s valour in the fight with the giants makes him a strong candidate to replace Zeus as head of the Olympians, however some of the other characters could object to a demigod rather than a complete deity being elevated to that position.

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It also sets up a potential turning point in the story: Hera’s return. While her strength may be diminished, she is still capable of fighting. A situation where the gods choose a new monarch, but Hera later returns to reclaim her throne, is not out of the question. The Greek gods love melodrama, and there are many potential outcomes to their ongoing disputes.

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