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If you are looking for the best password manager for keeping your login credentials safe, then this post is for you. You have landed this page because you are scary with digital security. Here we will differentiate all the top password manager tools available in the market like Dashlane vs LastPass vs Bitwarden. The maximum time we use the same passwords for multiple sites, doing this puts us in digital risk. So by using those password managers, we can easily manage them without taking any digital risk because they can generate a robust password for you. Now let’s get to Lastpass vs Dashlane and Bitwarden and know which suits you the best.

1. Dashlane vs Lastpass

Dashlane vs Lastpass
Dashlane vs Lastpass

Similarities between Dashlane and LastPass:-

1. Both apps have good ratings on IOS and play store.

2. The first the most common similarity between these is that both companies are headquartered in the U.S and subjected under Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes of international surveillance alliances.

3. Both Dashlane and LastPass offer free versions of their password managers as well as paid versions too.

4. Both Dashlane and LastPass claim that they don’t store your password and credit card information on their server. All the user’s data stored in a highly encrypted form.

Differences between Dashlane and LastPass:

There are some critical differences between these apps, which should give you an excellent idea of which one to pick for a password manager.

Prices: LastPass is a little cheap and more affordable than Dashlane, with charges a subscription of $36 yearly, but Dashlane charged you a minimum of $59.88 for the same time.

Extra features: Dashlane is quite expensive, but in return, It gives extras features for keeping cybersecurity, like identity theft insurance, VPN, and an inbox scan.

2. Bitwarden Vs Lastpass:-

Bitwarden Vs Lastpass
Bitwarden Vs Lastpass

Both these password managers also share differences and similarities like Lastpass vs. Dashline app. I found an alternative in Bitwarden, an open-source password manager that is quickly gaining traction.

Similarities between Bitwarden Vs Lastpass

1. User interface:- Both LastPass and Bitwarden have a similar interface layout where you can see a list of passwords in the middle of the screen. The sidebar of both apps has a menu option for accessing options like passwords, settings.

2. Autosave password:- Both LastPass and Bitwarden automatically fill form and password, whether you are using a mobile app, browser, or using extensions. Thus they make it easy for the user to sign in without make them remember and type passwords every time.

3. Other:- Both provide2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) with similar Browser integration for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Maxthon, Safari, Opera, Dolphin, and devices.

Differences between Bitwarden and LastPass

1. Open-source platform:-

Bitwarden doesn’t have as many features in comparison to Lastpass security (proprietary software and service provider), but it is open-source. Which means anyone can view the code and develop new features. So that’s the reason why Bitwarden comes with adding cool new features and with new ideas, which makes it different.

2. Free and paid features:-

Free features:-

Bitwardent offers free features like Password generator, Unlimited device sync, and password storage. Similarly, LastPass offers some free like password storage, password sharing, two-factor authentication, and Security Challenges but can access them up to 30 days only.

Bitwarden and Lastpass both offer Families, Teams, and Enterprise plans if you need accounts for multiple users.

Premium features:-

Bitwarden gives quite an affordable subscription. It charges $10 per year. And provide you 1 GB encrypted file storage with two-step login features, password, and also with vault health reports. Instead of this, it also adds priority customer support and TOTP authenticator key usage with the high-security login feature. You can also get the same function and more extra features from Lastpass at $36 per year.

4. Security:- Lastpass security providers have been in the news more than once for getting hacked. But Bitwarden does have to face such controversies related to hacking till now.

Letus now check and get answers to some common questions that people usually search for LastPass and Dashline app security. Knowing this answer will help you to choose your better security tool for managing your password.

FAQ Regarding Security Apps LastPass vs Dashline

Is LastPass better than Dashline?

LastPass vs Dashline
LastPass vs Dashline

Dashlane and LastPass both impress, with their easy to use interface. But, Dashlane Premium has far better support than Lastpass). Besides, There’s a password-warning function in Dashlane, which lets you know if your existing passwords are weak or strong. Or if you are repeating your password or not. Dashlane is an excellent tool in comparison with Lastpass for making secure passwords.

Another neat feature of Dashlane is that it has an emergency contact option, which lets you nominated to your family and friends for storing your password database.

Can Lastpass import from Dashlane?

Yes, Lastpass provide you the option to import and export file, and you can transfer the data to other password managing app to get the same saved password data but have to do this in your browser. Just follow the steps to import Lastpass from Dashlane:-

1. In Lastpass, my choice option on top clicks on the free password manager.

2. Now the web portal Click on More Options > Advanced > export.

3. Now, You have to open your CSV file in Notepad.

4. Do the same on Dashlane and click on the import option. Copy all the text imported from Lastpass and then paste it into the import tool of Dashlane.

5. Hurray, you have successfully imported your Lastpass password data from Dashlane.

What is the best password manager 2020?

best password manager 2020
best password manager 2020

From my suggestion, Dashlane is the best password manager for 2020, but some others include the following:-

1. Lastpass:- Multi-factor authentication, Occasional server hiccups, Straightforward to use, Mobile app logins.

2. Keeper Password Manager:– No free version, unlimited device access, Secure record sharing, Biometric authentication,

3. RoboForm:- No free device syncing, Stores data online or locally, Very reasonably priced

4. KeePass Password Safe:- No biometric support Completely free, Open source, No device syncing.

5. IronKey Personal S200:- more comfortable to use, capable of handling, and better organized.

Is Dashlane Secure?

As I already mentioned, Dashline is the best password manager from my point of view. Now the question comes it secure to use or not, and the answer is Yes it is. Because everything that you store in Dashlane is in encrypted form, which uses your password as the key for decryption, it means that if by any means Dashlane is hacked, everything will still be safe as all password will remain securely encrypted.

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The best way for a password providing service is to guarantee the secrecy of data and to ensure that they never have access to your data to sell or misuse by any means. If you need strong security to remember all the passwords, then these password management tool is an excellent option for you to take benefits. Here you know Dashlane vs LastPass vs Bitwarden features and benefits. Still if you have any question then comment in the comment box. Our team answer your question.


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