Is Constantine 2 Coming Out?

Constantine 2

Constantine 2 is a much awaited movie by its fans. Constantine was released in 2005, and it has been more than 15 years and now its sequel Constantine 2 is releasing finally. Constantine 2 is also a piece of much big news for Keanu Reeves fans. He will also be there in the sequel.

Constantine was about a girl Angela who was a private investigator in the movie, she approached Constantine who was an exorcist. The story of the movie is taken from the book Hellblazer comics, featuring Keanu Reeves as John Constantine.

Though Constantine was not a big hit, still it manages to earn $230 million from the movie. The reviews of the movie were of a mixed kind, from positive to negative, which diminishes the chances of its sequel.

Actor Keanu Reeves and the director Francis Lawrence have shown excitement regarding the movie. Peter Stormare confirmed through his Instagram post “Constantine 2 Sequel in Work” having an image of himself as the movie’s version.

Constantine 2

Are you getting excited to know more about it? Here I have bought all the details like when will Constantine 2 release? What will be the storyline of the movie? Who will be seen in the movie? Where you will be able to watch the movie? What are the ratings of Constantine? Is it worth watching Constantine 2? You will get the answers to all your questions here. Stay tuned and enjoy reading this article.

Constantine 2 Release Date

The original Constantine was released around two decades ago, but Constantine 2 is confirmed. Fans are eagerly waiting for its release date.

There are glad tidings for the Constantine fans Peter Stormare, Lucifer in the movie also shared a post on Instagram in the Lucifer costume with the caption “Sequel in Progress”, which indicates that he will also be a part of Constantine 2.

The making of the movie was started in the year 2020. But the director, Francis Lawrence, has not given any confirmation regarding the release date of the movie. While there were a lot of rumors that Constantine 2 will release in the year 2021 or in 2022.

I hope we can enjoy the movie soon. This article will get updated as we get some further updates.

Constantine 2

Is there any trailer of Constantine 2

A trailer is the most demanded thing after the announcement of the movie, game or anything else. However, any trailer of the movie is not there on any platform.

Don’t get upset we have bought a lot more details about the movie. Have a look at them and aspire we get the trailer as soon as possible.

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What is the reason for the Delay of Constantine 2?

The particular reason for the delay of the movie is not known to anyone. One of the reasons might be that the production of Constantine was very expensive. It took 10 crore US Dollars to complete and it was also not a big hit at that time. The movie earned 230 million dollars from the movie and the reviews were not that satisfied that the makers think for its sequel.

Another reason could be Constantine ratings, it is supposed that the rating of Constantine is PG – 13. But MPAA didn’t like the movie and give it an R rating, which made Lawrence Upset. He thought if he makes movies with this kind of rating, he would not be able to survive in this industry. After watching the movie for five minutes MPAA rated its features tone.

Constantine 2

Constantine 2 Storyline

The movie Constantine was completely based upon the book Hellblazer by DC Comics. The movie is a completely a kind of recording of the book.

In the first part of the movie, John Constantine is seen as a pessimist who has the ability to communicate with half angels and half demons. He used to helps the demons who are young and suicided due to some or any reason to recover from the eternal damages they had.

In the story Angela met him, she is a detective who is trying to find out the truth about the death of her twin sister. Constantine had lung cancer, even so, he helped her in discovering the truth.

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At a time, he discovered that there is a darker conspiracy behind Angela’s sister’s death. This conspiracy is not only correlated with her sister’s death but it can threaten the world, therefore he keeps uncovering the truth all together.

Constantine 2

This story ended on a clean note, so we cannot say anything about the plot of Constantine 2 as of yet. As there are no hints given by the production company, characters of the movie, and the director and we didn’t get the trailer yet. You have to wait to get the details about the story of Constantine 2.

Constantine 2 Cast

The characters of Constantine are not confirmed yet. But your favorite characters Keanu Reeves and Peter Stormare will definitely be there in the sequel.

Other Constantine that we might expect are:

  • Djimon Hounson
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince
  • Tilda Swinton
  • Shia LaBeouf
  • Gavin Rossdale
  • Rachel Weisz

IMDb Ratings of Constantine 2

IMDb rating of Constantine is 7.0/10. I think that is really a good rating. If you haven’t watch Constantine yet. It is really worth watching. You can enjoy the movie till we get its sequel.

Does Netflix Have Constantine?

Constantine is not available on American Netflix, but you can watch it by changing the region of Netflix to a country like Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

I think you will also not be able to watch its sequel on American Netflix. You need to change the region for that also.

Final Verdict

This is what we all know about the article.I hope you liked the article and let us know in the comment section to know more details about the movie. And also you can give us your feedback and suggestions on the article. We will welcome it with our open arms.

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