Coke and Popcorn and Its Alternatives 2020


Coke and popcorn is the global website that offers best shows all around the world. This website is free and requires no signup or registration. All the best available shows are available on this website and users all around the world love it. This article will let you know about all the things that you need about this website.

Website Popularity

This coke and popcorn website has a global rank of #7, 399 among all the websites present in the world. The domain has a .ch extension and has a Google rank of 2 out of 10. The website has an estimated price of $1,202,120.00 and has an income of $1, 114, 00. No active bugs are threats are reported in this website and so it is titled as safe to browse.

How to use Coke and Popcorn?

The website was quite popular and gained a lot of postive word of mouth or WOM marketing due to its free access to premium content. 
This helped the website to gain a lot of exposure & traffic.  

Using coke and popcorn is bliss and it has got some of the amazing shows and movies available for free, when you open the website you will get a lot of ads popping up but don’t get scared. Just click on TV shows option present on the website. The website records all the favorite TV shows in and out and people who want to watch the game of thrones and doctor who can watch the latest episodes after one hour that has streamed in live TV. The best feature about this website is that they are all commercial free and without any ads.

Why did Coke and Popcorn Shut Down?

Coke and popcorn

One of the best available websites of shows and movies have shutdown suddenly for no apparent reason. The operators of the website don’t specify a reason but have confirmed that the closing of the site is permanent. The operators said that doesn’t want its users to fall for any pirate sites and suggests they should choose an option like Netflix. This website has been popular for ages but avoided any spotlight due to its Swiss domain name. The present homepage of coke and popcorn looks dead and you can get an idea of the screenshot given above.

Local News Report

After some time of the shutdown. The operators have reported the local news that it doesn’t want its users to fall prey for any pirate websites and thus they recommend authenticated sites like Netflix. They have also confirmed that they are dead permanently and will have no reason to make a comeback.

So Watching Free Movies and Season are no Longer Available?

No, there are various alternatives which can give you the same viewing experience as coke and popcorn. This article will state some alternatives where you can watch movies and seasons for free. Now please note that all the free websites that are available in the market are not safe to browse because they may contain malware and steal your private information.

What are the Lists of Coke and Popcorn Alternatives?

This article will list out some legit alternative websites where you can enjoy uninterrupted services. Please note that all the online streaming websites that are listed here are up and working like other blogs which provide you with websites with some dead links. Some of the websites can be listed below

1. Popcornflix


This one is one of the best alternatives of coke and popcorn and the coolest thing about the website is the name resemblance. Just see this name popcornflix and coke and popcorn sound so familiar right. This website has a huge collection of TV shows and genres are mainly of action, romance, and comedy. In addition this website a trading list of serials which was earlier available in coke and popcorn. The website offers smooth navigation and the interface is bliss to operate.

Now, this site is completely legit as they do not stream movies which are illegal to download. Furthermore, this website is completely safe as it only streams indie films and has a huge database of 700 films.

2. Putlocker

putllocker best coke and popcorn alternative
putllocker best coke and popcorn alternative

Most the people say that this website is a great alternative for coke and popcorn. is old and originally was started in the United Kingdom back in 2011. Now it gained some popularity when it became one of the most top viewed websites in the United Kingdom. Due to some technical issues it was shut down for a little while but revived itself with a completely new database. Moreover, you can find all the latest TV shows and movie for free.

3. Kissanime

kissanime mobile

Kissanime not as popular as the above two but it has its own share of popularity. This is a website where you have the ability to watch all the animes in English dubbed. Furthermore, the mobile version of this website is very user-friendly. In addition, if you don’t want to watch ads while streaming then the option of registration is also present.

Also, Checkout How to Download Kissanime Mobile on your Smartphone

4. Watch Series

watch Series
watch Series

Watchseries is entirely dedicated to people who are addicted to TV shows. From the name you can already guess that it has all types of TV shows available for free. Here you can watch an entire TV show or browse any episode of your favorite TV serials for free. So don’t waste any more time thinking just go the website and enjoy the experience.

5. 123movies

123 Movies Alternative of Coke And Popcorn
123 Movies Alternative of Coke And Popcorn

This is for the people who interested in movies. 123movies is a popular movie streaming website and that’s why it is available for a free. This website contains a large database and the operators of this website have made a really good effort of keeping the movies up to date. Doing this they have made its customers worry free of the latest releases in the movie industry.

See More: KissCartoon app for adult and child cartoon series.

6. Showbox

Showbox Alternative of Coke And Popcorn

Now this recent website which has gained popularity. If you haven’t heard of it, they are chances that you are new to the online space. Earlier it was launched in the Google play store but due to some technical difficulties, it was removed from there. Now you need to download the apk file from the web to watch the movies and TV shows available on the website. This is a popular website among the new age generation.

Guys If if have you any Suggestion then leave in the comment section below and share it with your friends to let them know these amazing websites that will allow you to watch movies and anime for free

7.Solar movie

solar movie
solar movie

SolarMovie is also the most popular video streaming app alternative to Coke and Popcorn. It gives you the search box from where you can search your favourite TV shows and finds them quickly.

Furthermore, it also provides you with the latest video streaming content in HD quality. However, to maintain its user’s privacy provides some mirror websites which make it unique and liked by most of the user.

8. Netflix


Netflix is so popular that it doesn’t need any introduction. It is the top among all the list of video streaming app. It is a paid service, but still, it gives the best quality video covering all the genres of movies. You have to pay to watch some fantastic original TV shows and movies, which is worth it.

Every month Netflix releases some mind-boggling video contents, original shows and movies. It covers all types of film, including Sci-Fi and horror-comedy, which can make you a fan once watched.

9. Hulu


Hulu is a paid streaming website and apps same like an alternative for Coke and Popcorn. This alternative is famous for streaming sports and also offers video streaming and incredible TV shows and movies at the same time.

Moreover, Hulu also streams live channels that don’t make you feel bored of you are staying at home alone.

10. Kodi


Kodi is an open-source entertainment software same like Hulu and Netflix from where you can watch unlimited TV shows and films without paying anything. The advantage of using Kodi is that it is entirely free. The best of Kodi over Coke and Popcorn is its free also offers a vast collection of third-party add-ons that offers unlimited video streaming content and give you a full dose of entertainment.

However, in recent time some government authorities take action against Kodi because of uploading pirated content, but we no significant step was taken by legal authorities against Kodi users.

11. Vumoo


Vumoo is same as Coke and Popcorn. The best feature of vumoo is that it uploads all the latest TV shows and movies at first before it is available on another free video uploading platform.

Vumoo theme is quite attractive and gives users a fantastic experience. However, due to continuous changes in the website address, it becomes difficult for the users to find Vumoo. But you see them by searching “Vumoo Watch Movies” on Google.

12. Niter


Niter is also an alternative like Coke and Popcorn. It also offers high-quality video streaming of greatest shows and movies of all time. Surprisingly, its design is almost the same as Netflix, and some say they are just a copy of each other in a matter of their interface.

So if you are searching for best alternatives for Popcorn and Coke, then Niter is an option in fulfilling your video watching experience.

13. fmovies


Fmovies has numerous numbers of domains such as Fmovies.To,,,,, and only a few of them are working. But the site serves good as an alternative to coke and popcorn.

There are numerous domains for this site, hence so can try these domains after checking other alternatives.

14. Watchfree


WatchFree is also the best alternative to Coke and Popcorn that offers a wide range of content with documentaries, movies, and TV shows. One of the best features of WatchFree is that it has a large streaming content.

You can never fall short on the content if you are willing to watch stream series.

15. yidio com

yidio is another amazing alternative for Coke and Popcorn. It also has a vast range of TV shows and movies to watch. The feature that attracts users to is its security and picture quality. The site also has genuine and authenticate ratings that help users to choose from the massive list.

16. Movie Zion

movie zion
movie zion

Movie Zion is an alternative for Popcorn and coke, in this streaming website you can request for a specific TV show or Movie if it’s not available in the list. It almost has every web series and movies in demand. The chances of not finding any of the films are less. The best thing about Moviezoin is that they upload the requested Movie or series very soon. It offers most of the web series in HD quality. It is available as both an android app and a websites.

17.Cartoon Crazy Net

cartoon crazy net
cartoon crazy net

This streaming website is for those who love to watch anime web series and episodes. Cartoon crazy is an alternative to coke and Popcorn, which is famous for uploading most of the cartoon series. It uploads all the anime content in HD quality. It gives the best experience to its users for watching animated cartoon web series.

The unique feature of using this website is that it offers subtitles in most languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. It also provides an English dubbed option with them. The feature is beneficial for those who love watching cartoon videos in other languages. There is no language barrier to watch films in cartoon crazy.

18. Chillax

It is the new website that has step toward popcorn flix. It is among the best-secured sites from all alternative to coke and popcorn series. It gives you 14 days free trials when you register for the first time. Still, you can use this website unlimited times after registering again after the completion of subscription with another email id. It is a secured site to keep all your email and data safe. But, you can also create a fake account to use it unlimited times. It is the same as the other website to stream all the videos and movies channels in Hd.

19. Big Star Movies

big star movies
big star movies

It is also a free video streaming website that offers a vast collection of lists of TV series and movies. It has the most extensive inventory of regular watchers. The interface of big star movies is straightforward to use.  It gives you speed and best experience for browsing any of the web series. It streams about hundreds of web series and films from the internet. It should choose big star movies because it is also the best alternative to popcorn flix and free to use.

Final words

These are the best alternative for coke and popcorn. You can choose any one of the shows to watch, looking into the type of movies you like to attend. All of the listed free streaming websites are unique with their features. Some offer cartoon series, while some provide TV shows and Web series. All have different genres of videos starting from horror, trilling, and comedies. You can try any one of them to know which one suits you the best. You can enjoy them if you are a movie or cartoon lovers and share it with your friends to save their money from spending on paid streaming apps.

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