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chinki minki

The well-known twin sister pair Chinki Minki. They are both really skilled, and the public adores them and responds favorably to their performances.

Their true names are Surbhi and Samriddhi, but they go by the nicknames Chinki Minki, and they both gained notoriety following their debut on The Kapil Sharma Show.

They both produced a variety of videos, including humor, dancing, and lip-synching. They have gained enormous recognition in a very short period of time because of their dedication and hard work.

They were cast in The Kapil Sharma Show because of their fame and dedication, and the show’s viewers adored them. They have also made several awards show appearances due to their stage humor.

They got to where they are now because of their sense of humor and comic timing. They also take exercise seriously and work to keep their bodies in good condition.

Because of their sense of humor and comedic timing, they have reached their current position. Additionally, they take fitness seriously and make an effort to maintain a healthy body.

Bio of Chinki Minki

  • Full Real Name Samriddhi and Surabhi Mehra
  • Username @surabhisamriddhi on Tiktok under the handle Chinki Minki
  • Followers on Tiktok 9.2 Million Likes/Hearts on Instagram @surabhi.samriddhi
  • 24 years old as of December 26, 1998 (As of 2022)
  • The Kapil Sharma Show Debut The Capricorn Boyfriend Hobbies/Interests Dancing, Acting, and Traveling Career Social Media Influencerchinki minki

Chinki Minki Age

Samriddhi Mehra and Surabhi Mehra are both 23 years old. They arrived on December 26, 1998. They have fantastic birthday celebrations every year, and their family and friends never fail to make it a memorable occasion for them.

Get in touch with Chinki Minki.

  • Contact:
  • Phone: Not Available

Relationship Between a Couple

They are currently unmarried. For the time being, their primary focus is their profession. There are no online rumors about their romance. Additionally, they have kept their private lives highly private and avoid making any comments about them.

Their main objective right now is their career. Before committing to a relationship, they want to finish achieving their professional objectives.

Boyfriend/ Single/ Husband/ Unmarried

They are currently single and have no romantic relationships. They are content to be alone and like living independently. They have a lot of male acquaintances, but there is no information online about their connection.

They may be seen sharing the screen in several reel videos with Abhishek Nigam and Siddharth Nigam, with whom they are close friends. Their admirers like the couples together and have heard rumors that they are dating.

Family Chinki Minki

As of right present, not much information is accessible. We’ll update the information soon. We only currently know that they are a parent’s child.

Both their mother’s name and their father’s name are still unknown. She was raised in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, where she was born.

They come from a middle-class family and admit that starting something so off-course was not easy. However, their family’s outpouring of support really encouraged them to follow their aspirations.

They attribute their family with all of the glory for their name and renown. Their families are their best source of encouragement and the most solid foundation they have, according to Chinki Minki Education

Samriddhi and Surbhi Mehta are from Noida. Their education was finished at Mount Abu Senior Secondary School in New Delhi.

They received their degrees from Pune, Maharashtra’s Symbiosis Skills & Open University. Together, they finished high school and college.

Chink Minki’s Personal Information

They are passionate about fitness and like helping others set fitness goals. They have worked as models for several companies and have featured in numerous fashion shows, which explains why they are consistently in good shape.

They continue to share gorgeous photos of themselves together on Instagram, and their followers show them a tonne of love and support.

They cherish their followers and remain as engaged with them as they can. They have a terrific sense of humour, and people like their comedy videos.

They are quite honest about who they are, and because of their good temperament and friendliness, they are well-liked in the business.

They have been photographed with Kapil Sharma and have met several celebs at various award presentations.

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Chinki Minki’s earnings and wealth

They work as social media influencers and are paid a lot of money to promote brands on their social media pages.

Additionally, they are seen promoting various goods for pay and serving as models for other companies. Their YouTube channel has been monetized and has been a significant source of cash for them.

Net Worth 300 Million INR, Monthly Income 3 Million Advertisement for the brand, YouTube


  • They began performing when they were only 10 years old.
  • They were seen at the Judwaa 2 Launch Party.
  • The Kapil Sharma Show has also featured them.
  • They perform in Garba festivities during Navratri.
  • They adore animals, and they own a dog called Zoey.
  • They also received a prize.
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