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Chatiw is a chatting website like Facebook, and it is also available as an android app. It provides free chatting access to everyone using the site or app. Users can access it both from desktop and mobile, but mobile app have a more comfortable interface to use. Chatiw is available in almost all countries, and but it is prevalent in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

The site acts as an intermediary to search for your soulmate. It helps you build a relationship with other single men and women you are looking It has no rules and restriction for chatting. You may even communicate with anyone you have interest no doubt if he or she is on any side of the world.

1. Basic feature

chatiw registration
chatiw registration

Registration Feature

You don’t need to register for accessing the free version of the app. It means that there is no requirement of an email address or password are compulsory for registration. You can directly fill the general information about yourself. These include your nickname, age, gender, country. But after filling all this General information and about section. You have to verify captcha for using chatting services.

Location feature

The benefit of enabling the GPS is that it gives you more suggestion in finding people for chatting around your area. But if you want more valuable features then this site also had a paid membership feature where you can create a profile. The advantage if taking this membership is that you won’t have to fill the information every time you login side the app. Chatiw gives priorities to paid membership in terms of other services like profile highlighting and customer support.

2 Profile Information

chatiw profile
chatiw profile

1. You have to create your profile every time you want to access the service.

2. They don’t display the profile pictures.

3. As no email verification is necessary, there are a lot of fake profiles and scammers.

4. Other users can only view your username, age, gender, and as your location.

5. Anyone can be chatting with any username so you can’t detect whether you are chatting with a girl or boy as no verification is mandatory for checking the username, age, gender.

6. Your username will be visible to anyone available online. If you are inactive for a few hours, the website automatically logs you out and deletes all your chats.

The verification process is thanks to so as they don’t ask for any email or password. For this reason, the number scammers, frauds, and decoys are in bulk. The only way to keep your safety is by blocking the person. Once you blocked someone, the site will ban that person for 48 hours.

Contacting Members

All the members coming online are visible. As Chatiw is just a chatting service, not a dating service so, they don’t show any suggestions or contract proposals. Only premium members can send links, numbers, and unlimited messages. It has some limit for posting words per day. You are not allowed to post links or names, but you can only enjoy these features once you take a membership plan.

You need to be careful while chatting with someone based your interest. Chatters in Chatiw send irrelevant messages. They are very clear in showing you what they are looking for are. Sending appropriate pictures is quite common in Chatiw. If you are not comfortable with the person sending you irrelevant pics you can either block or report them.

2. Special Features

chatiw features
chatiw features

Chatiw is a good online hub to chat with strangers all over the world. It is the only special feature that this app has. However, you can access the following pages from their homepage: At the bottom of their homepage, You can find the link to their blog articles. These blogs are all about their guidelines and tips on dating, online chatting and relationship.

Safety Tips

After the blog option, there is a separate link that gives you information about some safety of doing online chatting with strangers. The site aims to help you keep secure and safeguard yourself by ignoring online scammers and frauds.

Chat History

This option is available on the top portion of the main chat page, beside the inbox. It shows all the chat conversations you had with other members while you were online. It doesn’t keep a record of the previous chats you had on another day.

Other Links

Chatiw promotes different sites by posting their affiliate links. It is a type of advertisement. The link if various dating sites and offer chat room and live shows.


1. It is available on Google Play and free to download.

2. The interface of the website and app are the same.

3. Easy menu and Navigation.

You can download Chatiw app only from Google Play. This app is not available in the iOs store, but it will be available very soon for iOS very more quickly according to Chatiw reports.

Chatiw Review

In this review, I would try to answer all the question coming to your mind about Chatiw app. Knowing this review will help you find a close and real date? Check the analysis of its features to know is it suitable for you or not.

People, especially men, think all woman are eager to be greeted with someone for the sexual suggestion, and they are willing to receive or be greeted with some form of a pornographic image.

Real Life Review

Some so many men think all woman who is on a chat site is eager to see what is going on in their pants, I’m sure most women have seen more male private when they are on some chat site than the busiest prostitute have ever seen.

When a woman tells a guy who does these things that she doesn’t appreciate what they send or suggest. The woman is called a stuck up or a Nun, and that she needs to live a little, but if those guys don’t have morals, don’t assume everyone else doesn’t have, and stop trying to convince a woman to lower her values and morals.

The people on chat sites don’t care about rules the website have, they do what they want, Wish the moderators of the site ban those who break the rules, but if a person tells someone who sends nasty messages or images to leave them alone, then they block and report you. Then the person who is actually on the site for normal non-sex-related chat gets banned, and that isn’t fair. — Mel V

Costs and Prices

chatiw Membership

Chatiw give you a discount if you take VIP membership for one year the monthly prices are as follows:-

  • 1 Month- 4.95 $ per month
  • 6 Months- 4.33 $ per month
  • 12 Months– 4.16 $ per month

Payment option

It currently supports only the PayPal option for buying VIP Chatiw membership.

Free Services

You can get the following services for free in Chatiw:-

  • You can be joining chat rooms and be sending personal chats to anyone who is using Chatiw.
  • We can search for any member of this site without giving any charge.
  • We can change, editing and complete our profile.
  • You can send pictures and emojis to any other member for free.
  • You can create a profile for free.
  • Block and report any user.
  • Check your Chat History.

Paid Services

  • Customer support is available for you to help regarding any matter related to the app if you are a premium member.
  • You are allow do send links and numbers to other chatters.
  • There is no limit to Send private messages. You can submit an unlimited letter to anyone.
  • Login directly without filling captcha.
  • No adds pages will show on your interface.
  • Get and reserve a unique nickname.
  • You will get a VIP Badge.

If you are looking for other entertainment like movies and episodes and series the coke and popcorn is best option for you.

FAQ Regarding Chatiw Reviews And Features

chatiw reviews
chatiw reviews

1. What is Chatiw?

Chatiw is a chat site and android app that lets users find and chat with the stranger and connect with them around the globe. You have two options for accessing it either you can enjoy it for free or take a VIP membership. The VIP membership users have more facilities, like creating a username.

2. How does Chatiw work?

The chat site has an inbuilt chat interface where users can communicate with other people. It also allows you to create private rooms for private between two people. There is no group chats feature, but there are links of various sites like Chatiw that take can provide you group chat feature.

3. Is Chatiw safe and legit?

Chatiw is legit and safe. But user experience says that it is full of scammers and frauds as anyone can create a profile without verification with any name. The users must be careful while chatting with unknowns.

4. Is Chatiw an anonymous chat-service?

Yes, it is full of strangers. No pictures are displayed you can inkily use the username to start a chat with someone.

5. Is Chatiw free?

Yes, Chatiw is entirely free to use. However, the free service has some limitation like sending messages and posting. However, if you want more feature, then go for the premium membership.

6. Does Chatiw have a registration process?

There is no registration or profile competition process in Chatiw. You can set any username and enter this online chat hub and start chatting with anyone you want. As you left and remain inactive, all the chats and profile are deleted automatically from the server.

7. Is Chatiw monitored?

According to its privacy policy and terms of use, they monitor regularly. Chatiw deactivates any account for 48 hours if it gets reported or blocked by any user.

8. How do I contact Chatiw?

On the contact, our section of the website, Chatiw has an option of sending an email. You can contact Chatiw by sending them an email on for your queries.


1. How do I delete my Chatiw account?

You can’t delete your account. All the chat and profile information you have given before entering the site are deleted automatically after a few hours of inactivity.

2. How to remove my Chatiw chat ban?

If you are banned, then you won’t be able to access the site for 48 hours. You have till you again get unbanned. If your chat banned, by mistake, you may contact their customer support and ask for help.

3. How do I block someone on Chatiw?

To block or report someone, click the “Block” button located beside the name of the user you want to block. That’s it after clicking block the user will be ban and blocked.

4. How do I change my country/location on Chatiw?

You can’t change your country manually. While registration or creating a username for chatting the app ask you permission to allow your location and set your country name according to it.

5. Why isn’t Chatiw working?

It happens due to a server problem or when they are bulk chat users accessing the website. You can get their website status if it gets down on their Facebook page.

7. Can I share a link in Chatiw?

No, you may not share links if you are a free user if Chatiw but this option is available for VIP members. You can send links via your chat and also send numbers to anyone if you have purchased the VIP membership.


Chatiw is the best chatting platform for those who like to chat with new people. If you want to spend your time talking with the unknown, then Chatiw is the best option for you. The user in Chatiw is only quick in replying. In this app, you can chat with several people who have the interest to chat with you too. If you are a late reply later then, Chatiw is best for you.

However, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, then this chat site is not for you. Most of the profiles created here are only for the purpose to chat so you can’t trust anyone who you don’t know. But you can pass your time here if you love stranger gossips.


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