Chatib is a website made for chatting. It consists of different chat rooms where you can join and even create your chat room. It allows you to chat with strangers all around the world. It gives you two options – either you can sign-up, or you can log in without registration. It is a platform for you to have fun conversations by making new friends. Using obscene language is prohibited inside chatib. It is essential to chat with users in a friendly manner to stop from getting a block. You will get block if find to talk obscenely.

About Chatib

Those who have an interest in joining different chat rooms on Chatib have various option to login without registration or to sign-up, but from both side, joining is free.

The details that you will enter before joining Chatib will remain saved as your username and other information like your gender, age, country, and your city will get saved on your profile. Instead of signing up and login without registration, it asks you no more question. You can start joining chat rooms after registration and choose with whom you want to chat with your own choice.

Chatib Free Registration

chatib free registration
chatib free registration

Signing up is quite easy to follow the steps below:-

  • Open the website on the browser.
  • Go to the homepage and click on the ‘Register’ option.
  • If you want to use the site as a guest, you can directly ‘Log-in Without clicking on Registration’ button.
  • On the next page, you have to enter basic info like age, gender, the city fills it and clicks on submit. Hurray, you have successfully registered.

Chatib Login details

  • On the third page, you have to provide a username and a password to log in.
  • Passwords are suggested automatically from Chatib, which you can save to your desktop if you don’t want to remember every time you log in.


You also need to provide an email id so that the site will send notification via email. It carries details like who has been looking at your profile or if some new messages arrived for you while you are log out. You are now free to chat on Chatib at your leisure time.

Chatting features

chatib features
chatib features

You can find the following chat features like:-

  • Joining different chat rooms.
  • Send private messages to anyone.
  • Attach photos to messages.
  • Create your private chat room and manage them.

This platform is not made only for sending and receiving text, but here you can find a lot of chat room where you can chat with unknown people around the world. Some of the best chat room includes der123, Italy crush and Panchali. You also have the option to create a chat room and manage them.

Chat Users

chatib user
chatib user

People of different categories are available here who spoke a different language and had a different interest. Most of the Chatib users are single men and women who want to explore and meet other singles. It helps you to chat with anyone you want, and it depends upon you if you’re going to meet them or not. It usually consists of the people of the following type:-

  • 18 years old and beyond.
  • Single men and women.
  • People from different countries.
  • Anybody who likes to meet new people.
  • Interested in joining chat rooms.
  • No cost to join.

It is a friendly virtual place that most people prefer to meet and chat. It has a variety of people who want to socialise and like making new friends.

Design and Usability

user friendly
user friendly
  • Plain and simple.
  • Pages don’t load properly.
  • Some messages appear very late.
  • Medium font used which is neither small nor too big.
  • Words are elementary to read.
  • There are no overwhelming images.
  • The colours of the site are light pink, green, and blue, which are easy on the eyes.

The above factors make the contents of the site elementary. Thus, it is easy for users to read. But the worst part us that when you click on a message, it will appear but also disappear after a few seconds. Some buttons on the website, particularly the ‘Favorite’ button, do not function properly.

Chatib Issues

Chat Rooms

A lot of Chatib users face several technical issues while surfing the website. Users also face the problem of different technical glitches and other items.

Error 502

Many times when users complain about anything, they get the Error 502, showing an unresponsive Gateway Error.

Frozen/unresponsive pages

The interface has a lot of pages that are frozen or unresponsive. No matter whatever you click on, the page would still not load. It is annoying for those who want to chat at a faster rate, or if you are talking with somebody else.

Mobile app

They says that it has a mobile app version that is available to both Android and iOS users. On the contrary, it seems to be fake because we can’t find any app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Limited features

Instead of chatting, there is almost nothing more to do on this website. The administrator has not updated any interface. All seems to be very slow and uncomfortable to use. Even it takes a lot of time to update your profile. Therefore there is a high tendency for you to get bored, and for the same reason, no one can chat comfortably in chatib.

Boring chat rooms

Most of the person who wants to kill their boredom can join this chat room to find some new friends. However, it takes very less time to register, but the conversation is boring because chat rooms are very silent. An exciting thing about chatib is that it is accessible from large countries, but usually, chat rooms only have 15-20 active participants. No one like to use them.

You can also use the other chatting websites: Chatiw and Chat Avenue

Real Life Review

“I am a college girl from Newyork. I love to make new friends online. Whenever I have nothing to do, or I feel bored, I start surfing the internet and check out the list of chatting website. One day I find this website – Chatib. I registered and created an account. When I logged in, I saw people from different countries are available there for chatting. So I start sending private messages to people. I got very late replies. Even the message is displayed and getting deleted. Very few people are available for chatting. This website is more irritating than others. It was a bad experience for me.” – Annie34


General Information

1. Who can join Chatib?

Anyone can join it, but he or she should have reached a minimum of 18 years of age to register and access the website.

2. Does it charge any fee?

No. Joining Chatib is entirely free.

3. Does it require registration for joining?

No. You can directly login by entering any username and chat without registration. Alternatively, it also allows the option to register via your email id.

4. What is not allowed on Chatib?

The use of adult or offences words and non-respectful conversation is not allowed inside chatib.

5. How to contact the customer care of Chatib?

They have posted an email on their website from where you may send an email to them at

6. Does Chatib have different chat rooms?

Yes. There are a different category of chat rooms available where you can join and make new friends.

7. Can I send private messages on chat?

You can join chat rooms and have a private chat with another user.

8. I live outside the US. Is there any way to join Chatib?

Yes. It welcomes users from all around the world.

9. Can I block another user?

Yes, you can easily block anyone if you are irritated from someone. Just go to your thread, and click on ‘Block’ to prevent the person.


1. Where can I see the list of online users?

After logging in, you can see the username of that person who is online on the left side of the screen.

2. What extra can I do on Chatib?

You can join chat rooms or have a private chat with someone. You can message anybody you want.

3. How to do private chat within Chatib?

The left part of the screen after login will display the name if online users. Just click on the username of the person with whom you want to chat and click on the ‘message’ option to send them a message to start your chat.

4. I uploaded a photo after signing up. Why it’s not showing?

Your photo will be visible only after the moderators approve it. It doesn’t get displayed of its own.

5. How long it takes for the photos to approve?

Your photo will be visible after the approval of site modulator, which usually takes 72 hours or less.

6. Why am I automatically signing out?

It is because, after a long time of inactivity, you have to login again to start chatting.


Chatib is a free online chatting site that provides different chat rooms where its users may join to find some new friends. They also have the option to send private messages. However, chatting on Chatib tends to be very dull. It is because even if it is accessible from a lot of countries, but very fewer users are active in it. If you want to have long chat with someone, you can’t do it because the site is prolonged and make you and your stranger friend frustrated to talk with one another and for that reason, they leave from the website. No doubt it provides you with the option to create a chat room, but they are of no use.



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