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chat avenue

In earlier times, people used to communicate via writing letters for getting in touch with each other. As time passed and technology comes up, the system of communication changed a lot. We all now own smartphones, laptops, and many gadgets to stay connected. The internet connects us in such a way that doesn’t make us realise if any person is in front of us or thousand of a kilometer away. If you are lonely and seeking a partner with whom you can chat and relax, then Chat Avenue is for you. In this post, we will come across varies features related to chat-avenue their functions, chat avenue forums, gay chat avenue and their reviews.

1. What is Chat Avenue?

It is the oldest text-based interaction platform on the internet. It offers to chat with two peoples or more. As this website supports only the English language, this English is the default language. It provides some extra feature like it has more than 19 different Chat Rooms with varying categories like Boys chat, Adult chat, Cam Chat, gay chat avenue, kids chat avenue, teen chat avenue, College Chat, Dating Chat, Gay Chat, General Chat, Girls Chat, Kids Chat etc.

2. Chat Avenue Forums

Chat Avenue Forums

Chat-avenue has multiple forums you can choose the panels according to your interest. Here is a list of these forums with their features:

Chat Avenue Adult

If you are 18 or above, you can get the entry into this forum. You can chat about anything you want; there are no restrictions if using offensive words or something like that. The only thing you need to access this chatroom is the age of 18.


If you are a college student, then you can join this forum if chat avenue and freely discuss your college stuff in this forum. Some of the discussion going on this chat room are exams, study, affairs, relationship etc.

Gay Chat Avenue (also for Lesbian and Bisexual)

It is a unique forum where the LGBT community doesn’t lose their respect for being different. Gay and lesbians can join here to find many more like them and enjoy chatting.


It is the only forum without any age restriction, but you need to be careful about what talks, because doing intimate chat may block your account.


This forum is only for teens and kids. It has an age limit between 13 to 16. If your age comes in this category, then you can take entry in this forum and start chatting.


If you are still single, then Chat-Avenue is there for you and will help you to meet your partner.


If your age comes in between 13 to 19, then you are welcome in this group. Most of the teens join this forum to make friends of their age group, but there are some more forums also available for chatting. Some of them are Entertainment forum, Life forums, Sexuality and dating forums etc. It all depends on you what type of people you want to chat.

Chat Avenue Singles

This forum is for those people who are still single and are in search of finding someone to chat with; then Chat-Avenue singles can be the best forum for them. To enter in this forum, you need to register yourself to participate in chats. But you should be 17 or above years of age to enter chat avenue singles room. If you want to find someone, then fill up your details in the form on your desktop and take your entry to find your soulmate.

Rules and Regulations for Singles Chat

Chat Avenue General Chat

Chat Avenue General Chat

General chat room is for all age group there is no limit of joining this room anyone can join without any restriction of their ages. This chat forum contains user from all around the world at one place. If you want to chat with people from a different country and have new experiences, then you can join the room and select someone you want to talk. You have to choose a username and connect quickly to start chatting.

Rules and Regulations for General Chats

Chat Avenue Kids

Chat Avenue Kids

Kids nowadays are too advanced they have interest access phone from childhood. Chat-avenue kids are for children if any kid is feeling bore and want to make new friends then he can quickly enter to this safe chat rooms. This chat room is full of kids around the globe. The kid can chat and interact with them anytime if some kid finds the real one, then they can even plan for hanging out. If you are a kid, don’t lose this golden opportunity and join the chat room and find much more kids like you by entering the Chat avenue kids forum.

Rules and Regulations for Chat Avenue Kids

These were the some Chat Avenue forums and their rules. I hope you can now join any of the chat room according to your judgement.

3. Chat Avenue Proxy

Chat Avenue Proxy

If you are unable to find out Chat Avenue in your region, then it might be because of various reasons like you might have blocked the giant chatting option of chat avenue go and unblock it using its proxy. There are various proxy services available for you. You can choose any one of them to chat anonymously on this platform, even, without making your IP address visible. The benefit of using a proxy server is that Chat-avenue can’t trace your activity and you can surf it privately.

If Proxy is Not Working Then Try VPN Service

If by any means you are unable to unblock the web proxy, then you can switch to the VPN services. This situation may come if chat avenue is not available in your region. You can unblock it by changing in a VPN.

There are many benefits to using a VPN. The first is you can change your IP address and unblock all the blocked sites in your areas. VPN can encrypt your internet traffic and protect your online activity. So it is secure for you to access Chat Avenue forums through the VPN service.

4. Is Chat Avenue is Under Investigation?

Till now, chat avenue has no investigation regarding its service. It is for fun; people use this service for chatting with unknown. Creating an account on this website is very easy as it does not have strict verification for age. No investigation has come till now. It doesn’t take your email id for registration, but you have to create a username to access it. One important thing is that they trace the IP address of the device from where you are chatting.

5. FAQ Regarding Chat.Avenue


1. How to use the chat avenue?

2. How do I send a private message?

You can send a private message to someone by clicking on the username of the person. Now a dialogue box will be displayed click on private message option and connect him by clicking the Private Chatbox icon.

3. What do chat Rooms do?

Users create chatrooms for chatting. It is like a room with a lock on it. If you have created a chat room and somebody want to access it, then he can enter this chatroom only after typing the password for the room. The higher if the office has access to create a password.

4. How can I customise the fonts and colours in the chat window?

Go to the Settings option and then click on the appropriate tabs. You will find an option for changing the fonts, scroll speed, etc. from the top.

6. Security

1. What is flagging messages?

Flagging messages is an option available in the chat avenue after you click on the news. You can highlight your sent message for any specific user so that he can read your chat easily. You can highlight your words by clicking the “flag user” button.

2. How do I ignore another user?

If somebody is disturbing you or became frustrated from any repulsive chatter in the room, Yiu can ignore him by merely clicking on the “Block” from the menu. Block option will be displayed when you click on his username.

3. How to do private chat and video chat with someone?

You can do private chat by clicking on the “Private chat” option from his username.

4. I am ban from the chat. I am not able to connect. How long is the ban?

For less severe actions, the minimum ban is for 2 hours. For a big case, it is a permanent ban.

5. Is nudity allowed on webcams?

No. Nudity is not allowed. Any user doing nude video chat will be banned and reported to the Internet Service Provider if caught. You can also say someone who is doing nude video chats or asking for nude chats.

6. Are there any age requirements?

Yes, you must be 13 or above to join the chat-avenue kid’s forum and above 18 years to participate in the adult forum.

7. Does it have any privacy policy?

Other than changing the IP address. If any user violates the rules of the chat room like hacking, chat avenue will track and send him to jail. The chat rooms neither collect any personal information nor share any other information (like emails) to third parties.

8. Is there any membership fees on Chat-Avenue?

It is free. The website doesn’t charge a penny or subscription charge to access it.

If you are bored with this app then you can try chatiw. Its features are also very interesting and that’s why many people use this app also.

Final words

Chatting site aims to empower you to interact with strangers around the world after coming across all the question about Chat avenue. You may be clear about its service type and features. If you are among them who want to interact with new people, then here is an option for you to make a try. You need to be aware while using these types of chatting platforms as your privacy is most important. Taking any wrong action can keep you in the problem.


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