Cartoon Network Dispels Closure Rumors 2022

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On the internet, there are rumours that Cartoon Network will be discontinued this year. When it came to great kid-friendly content, Cartoon Network was the place to go for kids who were born in the 1980s and 1990s. This group of youngsters was the network’s intended audience.

We now have the luxury of being able to watch anything we want, whenever we want to view it, thanks to the dominance of streaming platforms in the world. However, it would be disastrous for Cartoon Network if it were to fail.

Regarding the merger of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, Factly discovered a number of news articles online. According to Collider, “The announcement was made on Tuesday, which was revealed to staff via a company-wide memo from chairman Channing Dungey and revealed that Warner Bros. Animation (WBA) and Cartoon Network Studios (CNS) will be merged in order to consolidate their animation division, with Warner Bros. citing this move as a “strategic realignment” of the company.” The labels of the two animation studios will be kept even though they merge. In its analysis, Collider wrote. Here and here are two additional news articles on this merger.

What First Caused the Rumors?

A lot of fans of Cartoon Network are enquiring among themselves about the channel’s future as a result of a terrifying rumor that has been spreading on social media.

According to rumors posted on the Cartoon Network fandom page, the channel will be shut down on October 1, 2022, in order to “shut down” a number of shows like “Craig of the Creek, Total Dramarama, The Amazing World of Gumball, Elliot from Earth, and The Funnies.”

These shows will apparently be made available to stream on HBO Max rather than being broadcast on that network once Cartoon Network shuts down. Supporters freaking out was expected, so it should not be shocking.cartoon network

Really Shutting Down, is Cartoon Network?

It gives us great pleasure to let you know that Cartoon Network won’t stop broadcasting in 2022. Because the network has ambitious plans and fresh ideas for this year, the opposite is actually true.

If the channel was really going to be discontinued, Warner Bros. would have issued a formal statement about it, but so far, nothing like that has happened.

The president of Warner Bros., American television producer Sam Register, provided some details regarding the company’s plans for Cartoon Network Studios’ future.

He revealed this to Vulture on May 6, 2022, stating that they are now signing creators to “cross-studio overall deals.” It now makes it possible for a showrunner from WB Animation to work on new projects at CN Studios and vice versa.

These types of plans wouldn’t have been made public if the corporation had really intended to cease operations in a matter of few short months.

Have People Been Convinced by the Joke?

As evidenced by a number of tweets, the joke may have been successful in convincing Cartoon Network fans that the network was about to shut down.

Others listed the episodes they wanted to make sure they finished watching before the network went dark, and others flocked to the platform to ask if the reports were true.

“There have been rumours that Cartoon Network is getting ready to shut down in the month of October. The entire series of THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY on DVD and Blu-ray, one person said, “I’ll be damned if that happens before I get them.”

Another victim of the con mused, “Damn Cartoon Network shutting down this year?”

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What Percentage of Titles Were Removed From Hbo Max?

A total of 36 titles, including 20 of the network’s original productions, are being taken off HBO Max this week. The list of available titles is completed by recent acquisitions, HBO original programming, and Cartoon Network original programming.

The transfer will take place in 2019, just before the significant HBO Max-Discovery+ merger is set to take place, according to Variety, which broke the news first.

In advance of the merger, the company has been quietly getting rid of titles. As of September 30, HBO Max will start airing Discovery+ reality programming from Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network, according to a statement made by Warner Bros. Discovery during its quarterly earnings call earlier this month.

The content that is available on HBO Max and Discovery+ will change as we work to combine our content libraries onto a single platform. Some content on both platforms will be deleted as a result.

Due to the title removal process, HBO Max is currently providing significant discounts of over 40% on annual membership plans through October 30.

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