Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date| Confirmed Details And More

Carnival season 2

Carnival Row made its first appearance in 2019 and soon after the show was released, fans instantly loved this neo-noir drama and asked for another season. The fantasy series premiered on Amazon Prime Video and became one of the popular series on the platform and with such popularity, it was pretty obvious that the creators would definitely make Carnival Row Season 2. 

Casting Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne as the main lead of the story, it was pretty amazing to see such a variant cast in the series. The vintage American series would be amazing to watch when you are obsessed with classical dramas. As the show premiered, the creators have already shown their interest to keep the series going. 

With the positive feedback that the series has gained. Even more, the show gets amazing responses for its eye-capturing visuals and the great performance of the cast. On the other hand, some fans also criticized the show for showing stereotypical things and the mystical aspects of the country as a joke.

However, all these things haven’t stopped the show makers from renewing the series. Amazon Prime Video Fantasy drama has officially renewed to air its Second Season. The cast has personally shown their interest in the upcoming season. In the Instagram post, Orlando Bloom wrote the long paragraph and simply referred to it as “what a gift” and talked about how he is grateful for his fans to renew the series. 

Carnival Row Season 2 Confirmed Details

Carnival Row season 2

The first season of the series was initially released in 2019 and after the show premiered, the fans wanted to know what happened next in the story. The genuine curiosity of the fans has led them to wonder about Season 2.

After the show premiered, the world was devastated by the global pandemic. The series was made available on Amazon Prime Video while the creators have thought of releasing it on a larger scale. However, things didn’t go as planned and the showrunners have decided to broadcast the show on the OTT Platform. 

Moreover, The first season premiered with 8 episodes with an average time of 45- 55 minutes. As far as the audience is concerned regarding the Carnival Row Season 2, it was already announced on 29 July 2019. 

The second season was initially begun in November 2021 but it was later stopped. The global pandemic started to become a big hurdle in production. As the pandemic had already shut the production of multiple shows and films, Carnival Row was one of them. The filming was restarted in May 2021 and the show began production. 

Luckily, Carnival Row Season 2 finished its filming in September 2021. With the series having already finished filming, the showrunners have already seen some updates. Fans are wondering about the release date of the series but unfortunately, there is no release date announced yet. 

The showrunners are demanding the fans to keep calm and wait for a while. Carnival Row Season 2 will probably be released somewhere in 2022.

Carnival Row Season 2 Cast: Who is going to Cast in the Series?

Carnival Row Season 2

The second season of Carnival Row has already been announced and the fans are wondering about the possible cast. The officials have confirmed that every star would be returning back in the series. 

The main lead of the series, Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom is confirmed to return back in the series as Vignette Stonemoss and Rycroft Philostrate AKA Philo. 

Moreover, many fans are wondering regarding Jared Harris (Absalom Breakspear) and Indira Varma (Piety Breakspear) and their respective character. But both of them have been killed in the first season and this concludes that the series would not recast these two in the series

Both the stars have shown their excitement regarding their upcoming roles in the series. They have posted about this on their Instagram account. 

Other than that, Tamzin Merchant (Imogen Spurnrose), and David Gyasi (Agreus Astrayon). Karla Crome (Tourmaline Larou), Simon McBurney (Runyon Millworthy), Andrew Gower (Ezra Spurnrose), Caroline Ford (Sophie Longerbane), and Arty Froushan (Jonah Breakspear) are reprising their roles. 

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Carnival Row Season 2 Plot Details: What is it About?

Carnival Row season 2

At the end of Season 1, we saw how there are different conflicts that arise between the characters. In the upcoming season, we’ll see that the series will take off from where it originally ended. Season 2 will explore Philo’s acceptance of his true identity and the show will explore the ongoing conflicts between the faes and the humans. 

Regardless of this, the show has not yet confirmed any specific details. However, the officials have talked in an Interview. 

 “The trick for Philo is, it’s not, unfortunately, as simple as him embracing the fact that he’s fae. To the fae, he’s not really fae. He’s a half-blood. So, he basically is a man without a country. You know, he’s not human enough for the humans, but he’s not fae enough for the fae. He kind of exists in this sort of status Twilight Zone. So that’s another thing that he’ll be wrestling with in season 2,”

Is there any Official Trailer for this show?

Carnival Row Season 2 is already confirmed but there is no release date scheduled yet. Fans are looking for the official trailer of this fantasy drama which is not confirmed. Till there comes any official trailer, here is the official trailer of Carnival Row Season 1. 

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