Bob Saget Net Worth, Early Life, Bio, Properties & Much More

Bob Saget Net Worth

Bob Saget Net Worth: American comedian, actor, TV host, and director Bob Saget had a net worth of $50 million. He is known for his part on the TV show Full House and for making jokes for adults. On May 17, 1956, he was born. He has been in the news lately because hotel workers at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando found him dead. We still don’t know what killed him.

Fuller House, Spaced Out, and Critical Condition are all examples of his work. He helped spread information about the disease Scleroderma. He did voice work and was the host of the popular show How I Met Your Mother. Reports say that Bob Saget made between $3 and $4 million a year.

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Bob Saget, including his total net worth, how much he makes, how much he gets paid, and everything else. Seeing how well he lived, you should have been curious about how much money he made.

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Bob Saget Career

Bob Saget Career

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In 1987, Bob Saget got his start on CBS’s “The Morning Program.” His role as Danny Tanner on the TV show Full House made him famous. He then gave comedy a shot.

For nine years, he was the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. His first movie was called “Dirty Work.” He also worked hard for people who had been diagnosed with Scleroderma. His voice was used in the popular TV show How I Met Your Mother. In 2014, he put out a book about himself. He also had a show on podcasts.

Early Life Of Bob Saget

Early Life Of Bob Saget

Bob Saget was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 17, 1958, to a Jewish family. Benjamin and Rosalyn were his father and mother. He was one of two children. He grew up in California and went to Abington Senior High School in Philadelphia to finish high school.

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He wanted to become a doctor, but his literature teacher kept pushing him to try to get a job in the entertainment business. He went to Temple University to study acting and drama. Bob also signed up for a class at the University of Southern California, but after a few weeks, he dropped out.

Bob Saget Net Worth

Bob Saget is a well-known funny man. Reports say that his net worth is around $100 million. Bob Saget is a well-known actor, TV host, and stand-up comedian.

Personal Life

Bob Saget Personal Life

In 1982, Bob Saget got married to Sherri Kramer, his high school sweetheart. After being married for ten years, the couple split up. The following year, in 2018, he married Kelly Rizzo. From his first marriage, he had three children. He used his social media sites a lot. He always used his comedy shows to talk about his life.


Saget was staying at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes on January 9, 2022. This hotel is near Williamsburg, Florida. He was on a stand-up comedy tour, and the night before had just finished a show in Ponte Vedra Beach. Hotel workers found Saget dead in his room around 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). After not being able to get in touch with him, he missed his planned checkout time, which made his family worried. Emergency workers went to the scene and said that he was dead. At the time, he was 65 years old. The sheriff and the medical examiner ruled out murder and drug use, but they didn’t know what caused the death right away.

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Cause Of Death

An autopsy report from February 9, 2022, says that Saget died in his sleep from a subdural hematoma and a subarachnoid haemorrhage. Saget died from blunt head trauma, which was caused by a blow to the back of his head. This likely happened when he fell (subdural hematoma and subarachnoid hemorrhage). At the time of his death, he had COVID-19, but there were no signs of inflammation. Saget’s family filed a lawsuit against the county on February 15, 2022, to stop them from releasing more records from the investigation into his death. They said that the explicit content of these records would violate Saget’s privacy. On March 14, a permanent injunction was put in place to stop the release of these records.

Saget died while America’s Funniest Home Videos was on in the Eastern and Central time zones. ABC stopped the show to tell viewers about it.

A tribute video was shown on the show’s official YouTube channel, and Saget was remembered before the credits of the next episode.

Saget had gotten gifts and promises to help the Scleroderma Research Foundation (SRF), whose board of directors he has been on since 2003.

The executive director of the foundation said in a statement on January 13, 2022, that more than 1,500 people from all over the world have given more than $90,000 to the charity. One of the charity’s board members also promised $1.5 million to the organisation. This means that every donation made in Saget’s memory will be worth twice as much.

Saget was laid to rest on January 14, 2022. He was buried at Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery with his parents and sister.

Longtime friend Mike Binder shot a tribute special at The Comedy Store on January 30. In June 2022, it will be available on Netflix.

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