Big Little Lies Season 3 Release Date: When It Is Coming On?

Big Little Lies Season 3 about

Based on the novel written by Liane Moriarty that shares the same name, Big Little Lies has been landed by Disney Hostar in 2017 for the audience. Within the two years of gap, the second season of the series was released, making the audience excited to look for the future possibility. I personally think that the series has done such a great opening in its starring episodes and as the season led to the finale, there are a lot of strings to be attached. With this, the viewers of this series are seriously wondering about the third part. Will there be Big Little lies Season 3?

Despite such a huge fanbase, the showrunners have not been talking much about the third part. The second season of Big Little Lies was released in 2019 and since then all the viewers kept their eyes on season 3. 

Big Little Lies Season 3 updates

The series made its huge entry after HBO announced the show. With such an eye-capturing title that the creators have led, many people want to explore the series and its story. It turns out positively great for the fans and the series signs quite healthy feedback from the people. 

With all these things being on, the viewers are hoping that the show will return back with another season. It’s been already 2 years since we last heard anything from the series, will it be back? Are there going to be Big Little Lies Season 3? Let’s find out in this article. 

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Big Little Lies Season 3: Confirmed or Not?

Big Little Lies Season 3

The sequels of this drama are a bit of a rollercoaster for the fans. As the first part was aired in 2017, it took the showrunners a whole 2 years to actually release the second season. Within the two years of gap, the fans have left their hopes for this series. 

For now, the show makers have not announced any renewal news for this mystery drama. When the finale of the series was released, fans were excited to know what the writers would bring back to the viewers. The show has been showing positive feedback from the viewers. 

Evenmore, the show has gained great ratings and the constant support of the fans. So far as the audience is concerned regarding the third season of Big little lies, there is no official confirmation. 

Viewers of this series are still hoping to watch more seasons of this Dark Comedy show. As we already know that the genre is quite in trend among entertainment lovers and fans who have always loved mysteries. 

David E Kelley, the creator of the show, has talked about the possibility of another season. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said,  “I didn’t think it was a very good idea. We wrote it as a one-off and we ended it in a way that was very lyrical. But we ended up lying. I get so protective of characters and series, too, that I don’t want to damage them in any way, and I so loved how we ended year one and I thought, ‘Let’s just leave it at that.'”

But after a while, there was a sudden change in the speech as he talked more, “A multitude of forces, but mainly it came down to a creative analysis. Liane wrote a novella of [new] stories, and most of them we’re using. But the genius one was introducing this character who’s being played by Meryl Streep. It’s a delicious character and I felt bringing her in was both liberating and daunting. Daunting because she sets a high bar and you have to measure up, but liberating in that now the show’s not going to be compared to last year. There was freedom in that.”

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Big Little Lies Season 3: When is it Going to Release?

Big Little Lies Season 3

With no official confirmation about the third season of the series, there is nothing to be speculated about. So far, the series has released two seasons with a two year gap. There is nothing that is holding back another season of this series. 

When the second season was announced, the viewers were extremely happy. As the series was particularly ended on a cliffhanger, it becomes important for the cretaprs to at least leave that behind. In 2019, as the second instalment was released, we saw that there was a global pandemic. The covid-19 virus has started to spread and as it happens, the world needs to shut off. Every series has stopped the production of their shows for a while. 

Maybe the renewal was affected by this too. There was also the question of whether the series might have stopped its third installment because of the global pandemic. 

If Big Little Lies gets renewed this year, there is enough possibility that we would be seeing the show next year. If everything falls on the plan then Big Little Lies season 3 will be happening in 2022-2023. 

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