Big Hero 6’s Aunt Cass Meme Explained: Disney Character Takes Over Twitter!

Aunt Cass Meme

Why is Twitter being taken over by a Big Hero 6 figure from Disney? This page explains the Aunt Cass meme.

In 2014, Disney released Big Hero 6, an animated superhero film based on the same-named Marvel comic. The narrative’s primary protagonists are a young boy called Hiro Hamada who is interested in robotics and a robot named Baymax.

A movie character is now trending on Twitter seven years later. Here’s why Aunt Cass, as she goes by, is so popular on the internet.

About Aunt Cass

A fictional character called Aunt Cass makes an appearance in the 2014 Disney film Big Hero 6.

She is the aunt of Hiro and Tadashi Hamada, two brothers who own a bakery and coffee shop in San Francisco. The character is voiced by well-known American actress Maya Rudolph.

Although Cass doesn’t have a substantial role in the film, she surely has a large internet following and is now a well-known meme.

Definition of Aunt Cass’s Meme

The Aunt Cass meme gained popularity since the character’s look was drastically altered. The person seems more appealing because of the huge, wrongly changed breasts. In contrast, the outfit totally hid her in the film.

This term is often used to describe anything attractive or alluring. The real character is quite different, however.

I just thought about Aunt Cass, and I want to watch Big Hero 6 again.

Origins of the Aunt Cass Meme

This meme was created in 2016 by Deviant Art user Rastifa. Although it first failed to become viral, the cleavage in this Rastifan picture grabbed people’s attention and led to a lot of member debate.

The meme swiftly swept over the internet after users on Reddit suddenly started utilizing this image in sexual jokes in December 2020. Over time, this meme started to spread, and now it is almost everywhere!

The busty Aunt Cass meme became popular as a consequence, and the real Big Hero 6 character has now garnered undeserved fame.

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How Did Aunt Cass Become a Twitter Meme?

Because Aunt Cass has become a Twitter meme, everyone on the internet is utterly enamored with her, but why?

Well, it all started on Reddit when a doctored image of Aunt Cass with huge breasts started to become viral.

Everyone recognized her from the image, and after that, comments about the cartoon woman’s beauty online started to flow. She has cropped brown hair and green eyes, and many people think she embodies beauty.

Someone on Twitter said, “I seriously rewatched Big Hero 6 because of Aunt Cass memes.” She is lovely on all sides, I can speak to that. “Got a great crush on Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6,” another individual said.

Because of her attractiveness, she has recently become a meme, and as a consequence, images of her are now dominating social media.

About Big Hero 6

You must be acquainted with this one if you like watching movies. The Big Hero 6 is a fictitious superhero family that is a major aspect of Marvel Comics. This whole creation is the work of renowned and esteemed artist Man of Action.

You are incorrect, however, if you think that this show increased Aunt Cass Meme’s notoriety.

The following part goes into great detail about how Aunt Cass Meme came to be so well-known.

Where to Watch Big Hero 6

If you’ve seen the Aunt Cass jokes that have been going around on Twitter, here’s how you watch Big Hero 6.

If you live in the UK, none of the usual streaming services truly provide the Disney movie. Sky, Amazon Prime, or Netflix do not carry it. So where do you see it?

Only Disney+ subscribers who have purchased a subscription may see the film. Before paying the £7.99 monthly price if you’ve never signed up before, you can get a seven-day free trial.

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Personalized Aunt Cass Stickers

Making Aunt Cass memes into personalized die-cut stickers is a terrific way to have fun before learning more about her. They are ideal for use with computers, water bottles, diaries, guitars, windows, refrigerators, phone cases, and other items.

Aunt Cass Meme

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What Are People Saying Online About This Meme?

Even though we are unclear about the exact comments and evaluations about it, the majority of people have found this meme to be amusing, which is also one of the reasons it got famous.

The Final Verdict

The Aunt Cass meme hasn’t gained much traction for a variety of reasons. Users haven’t just made more memes based on this trend because they like it, either. To others who are just now getting acquainted with this character, this meme seems flimsy and immoral since the real persona is one of joy and innocence.

If you have any remarks on this character or if you like these memes, please do so in the space below.

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