10 Backlinks Basics for High Quality Result



Backlinks are one of the most incredible ways to boost your search engine ranking. And even better, they are free! But you have to know how to create quality backlinks through an articles directory, a links directory, or other methods. Otherwise, you aren’t doing yourself any good. Only quality backlinks will boost your ranking. Poor quality backlinks will either be ignored by search engines or could even damage your ranking. So don’t waste your time creating backlinks that won’t help your site ranking. Instead, learn these ten backlinks basics and get the results that you want.

1. Take your time creating backlinks. There are companies that will create them for you, which is fine if you want to pay to have someone else do it. Either way, you don’t want your backlinks to appear all at one time because search engines will view these as spam and discount them. Build them gradually, so they appear natural to search engines.

2. Use a variety of articles directory sites. Creating articles for these sites is usually free, and when someone chooses to use your article they must also use your link. This creates a one-way link back to your website and one-way backlinks tend to be looked on more favorably by the search engines. Just make sure your article is relevant to your website’s content!

3. Find links directories where you can post your website. Again, most of these are free, and you can do it on your own or hire a company to help you. These are also one-way links that will help your search engine ranking. Just be sure you only post your website in relevant categories. Don’t think you’re being clever by posting in every category, this will look like spam to search engines.

4. Always use anchor text as the link text for your backlinks. ‘Click here’ is a waste of a good opportunity. Instead, use words that are keywords on your website and that make sense in the article or link submission. Backlinks that use anchor text that is relevant will be rated as higher quality than those using ‘click here’ or other irrelevant words as the link text.

5. Use networking websites to your advantage. Put up a page on FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, or any other networking sites that are relevant to your website’s topic. Include backlinks on each one to your site.

6. Create your own free blog on one or more sites. When you write your blog entries, use relevant keywords that will help searchers find you. Also include a backlink to your site so visitors can learn more.

7. Create your own forum on a free site as well. Again, make sure you include backlinks and relevant information.

8. Don’t forget to use other people’s forums and blogs as a tool to generate backlinks. But be careful – make sure you follow the site’s policies on posting backlinks, and as always, only post backlinks that are relevant to the discussion topic.

9. Use Squidoo. This site lets you create a free webpage on any topic that you want. Other visitors will find your site when they search for that topic, especially if you use good keywords and backlinks. One bonus is that the site also offers revenue sharing if you want to participate.

10. Your backlinks should not all link to your homepage. Also link to your inner pages. This type of backlink helps your site to look more information-rich, and search engines will notice.


Backlinks is Important for rank on the First Page of Google Search Engine Result Pages(SERP). If you want High-Quality Results from your website then you have to create High-Quality Backlinks. This is the Basics of Backlinks That Can Help You To Rank On First Page Of Google SERP.


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