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Putlocker was very famous for hosting files online. It popularity gain when it starts streaming films and television for free. It became so popular that Alexa ranked it among the top busiest 250 websites in the world. The origination of Putlocker begun in the United Kingdom in 2011, and within some year its growth rate increases to gain millions of visitors daily. But in 2016, the High court of the UK order to block it because of streaming pirated content. Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) also report some cases against put locker as a major pirated video treat.

All About Putlocker

From which countries, can I access Putlocker?

If you have internet connection then you can run this website from any country. (except for the UK where High Court order recently blocked it.)

Was Putlocker Free to Use?

Yes putlocker was entirely free. You only need an internet connection to open the website. After opening the website, it does not say to pay any monthly or yearly membership to access the website. It was among the most popular free video streaming providing site.

Can I access Putlocker from Mobile, Android, iPhone?

putlocker version
putlocker version

There is no specific app available for Putlocker. This website can be accessed from anywhere on your android, ios or PC because you need a browser to watch videos.

How to watch movies on Putlocker?

You can easily access the putlocker website knowing its correct web address. Nowadays it is difficult to find the original web address because the domain changes with every dot suffix and make confusion among users to find the correct one.

But you can watches videos on Putlocker if you follow the steps below:-

  • First, visit the website.
  • You will sees there various movies banner which is already uploaded and ready to be played.
  • You can click on the movie you want to watch. You can play a video within a few clicks.
  • You can also search for the movie you want to watch just by clicking on the search button on the dashboard for the video you want to watch.
  • After clicking on the play button, the video will take some of the time to load before playing.


Its features are quite simple and easy to use. In the homepage, you can find the categories like most trending movies, most watch episodes, new arrivals and best collection of film, web series and tv shows. All the video content that stream here is copyrighted and only available on the original platform. It is all in one collection of all the web series streaming apps. You can find probably every content of the web series within three days of their release.


1. Has Putlockers been Shut Down?

Putlocker was very popular a few years back. It has been shut down because of uploading pirated contents of movies and television shows without any license. Motion Picture Association of America claims to block it because it was uploading a lot of video content created from the motion picture. This activity leads them to face a significant loss. The site is now dead, but most of the people who accessed the website still miss it, and till now they searched for finding their alternative.

2. Why is Putlockers not working?

It is not working now because the site is no more exist. It gets a ban for violation of uploading and streaming films, television programs and a lot more. Some sources claim that putlocker website has paid from original content makers to close it because it was obstructing the business growth of various video providing agencies.

One more reason for closing putlockers may be fear from the rights and policies of uploading piracy content. So for this reason to protect themselves from illegal punishment, the administrator might have closed it.

3. Is Putlocker Safe?

As putlocker was uploading different mirror file links from different servers, so it is difficult to say whether it was providing a safe video content or malware contents attached to the video. If the website has encoded malware in the video, then it may be possible that you are not safe with Putlocker.

Probably the site was blocked from Inter-nation standard internet protocol service in the USA for uploading a non-licensed video. So if you series about your privacy then you must use Putlockers from a secured VPN to save your privacy. But still, if you trust it about not leaking the confidentiality, then you can get without any issue.

One more thing is that nobody in the world provides anything for FREE OF COST. There may be a reason to earn something by doing something for free. It may also be possible that while it’s a development stage, it may not be uploading the malware pirated content. But after coming under the top 250 websites in the world. It might be offered from different sources to make some profit for trapping data from pirated malware video. We can’t guarantee to say it is entirely safe with no malware.

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Final words

Putlocker was one of the best premium video streaming website. It is the most friendly website to watch in the USA, but sadly it is no more. It was the best website ever to keep updated of the latest uploads and videos from any web series first on the internet for free. But streaming every video in pirated manner hurt the original content providers, and thus, many of the users start moving to putlockers to watch videos instead of paying their subscription. Thus the policy violation led putlockers to come to an end.


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