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Gogoanime is one of the free streaming websites to provide anime series. It is quite famous for streaming Japanese animes. It shows animes in different languages with English subtitles. In this platform, users have access to upload recent anime and their episodes. The report says that it generates a revenue of $10 million every year. This website is under the control of 10 peoples. As it is one of the most popular sites, so it’s the main competitor are private video streamings companies like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, etc.

How to Register to Gogoanime


It gives you two options for registering on the website:-

  • The first option is you can manually click on the Google icon to create your account with one click.
  • The second option is you can manually enter your name, email id, password, etc. and verify your email id to start using.

Features of Gogoanime io

gogoanime io features
gogoanime io features
  • Different Genres:- You can find a lot of genres of anime, including action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, adventure, music, etc.
  • Maintain daily:- Gogoanime website is maintained daily. So that it’s users can enjoy a new type of animes every day. You can enjoy watching most of the animes in your language if it’s dub version is available. Alternatively, you can watch the animes with English subtitles.
  • Inquiry:- It also gives you an inquiry option on the website and also from where you can ask questions to the admins to solve your issue. You can also suggest to them which anime to upload as per your demand.
  • Download/purchase:- It gives you options to download. You can download all the free animes and save it on your devices. But, it also charges you for paid animes episode. If you want to enjoy every anime video, then you have to pay some subscription fees. For making payment, you can contact them with your email, and they will reply to you on your mail.
  • Business:- Gogoanime has a large number of viewers from around the world. So you can promote your business in the form of ads by contacting them.
  • User-friendly interface:- The interface of the website is too light like a premium website. It will not let you know that you are watching videos on a free site. It has a user-friendly design and simple to use.

Gogoanime App Features

gogoanime io
gogoanime io

In its the app you can access the following functionality:-

1. Video resolution:- You can change the decision of the video as per your choice, looking into your mobile data speed and limit. It also supports high-resolution video.

2. All in one option:- It option a menu option from where you can choose any genre you want to do and click on it to move on any kind you like to watch.

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Age restrictions for kids

There is no doubt that kids love to watch cartoons. But do not mistake anime for cartoon. Animes are different and most of them are created in Japan. There is whole organisation who make these animes.

You must be thinking that if anime is sort cartoon itself then why kids are not recommended to watch right? So here is the thing, there is a various variety of anime like there are so many genres or you can say categories for these animes. 

If you kid what to watch anime that is totally fine but you should be sure about the genre of the anime, probably skip the “ecchi” genre because it contains mostly nudity. Also if you want to keep you kid from violent and aggressive anime. Then you need to leave the action genre too.

Anime with subtitles and no subtitles

Well if you are very crazy or a die-hard fan of anime then you do not want to skip any episode and need to get up to date with it right unless you are very fluent in the Japanese language, most of the animes are in the Japanese language.

Every week there is a need episode of whichever anime you are watching and if you will for the English version of the anime then maybe you will encounter many spoilers around the internet or social media so what is the solution for this problem

Yes, I have the solution for you, the only thing that you need to do is increase you reading speed like subtitles meanwhile you need to know whats going on over the screen. Like you don’t wanna miss the story of the anime while reading subtitles.

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Gogoanime website

Actually I have been using this site for watching anime for very long time and I must say that this is one of the best sites to watch anime and download it. Well I am say this because I was using Kissanime before but for some reason, they have removed the option for adjust the resolution of the screen or you can say the quality changing option has been removed

Then I shifted to gogo anime and I found that option which I have been missing and it pretty much comfortable watching your favourite anime without worrying about you data plan or data. Other then the picture quality, you going to face the advertisements more often and you may redirect to some advertised page because this is what they to earn money. This website doesn’t own any of this anime that is why this is not legal but these websites are till running any many of the same kind of site has been taken down by the government as well as the producer of the anime itself.

Here you will get the weekly recommendation for animes to watch. You can signup on this site to keep track of your watched animes or you will be lost the track if you skip for some days to watch. The interface is pretty simple and if you are new to this website you won’t be getting any problem to use it.


How to download videos from the Gogoanime io Website?

If you want to access its an app, then follow the simple steps below:-

  • First, Visit The Official Website of Gogoanime and select the episode you want to download.
  • Click the download button of the video clip.
  • After clicking the download button, it will generate a download link from where you can save the video to your device and access it offline.

How to use Gogoanime

  • Using Gogoanime is quite easy. You need to open the official website and select the episode you want to watch.
  • You can also download any free episode you want to save into your file.
  • On the search bar, you can search for the favorite anime or select different genres available on the website according to your choice.

Is Gogoanime safe?

The Gogoanine website is full of ads. The ads shown here may be inappropriate for you and contain some malware. Please don’t click on any ads; otherwise, it may download some random files and save it to your device. If you go for download without clicking any app, then it’s safe for you.

What is the original site of Gogoanime?

Several Gogoanime websites start with the name of Gogoanime. Some of them are Gogoanime tv, Gogoanime io, and many. They don’t reveal the name because it uploads a lot of copy written content, so if the original name shows, it will get a block. So, the owner runs the website in a different name to make available the anime content and provide them with free anime watching experience.

Why is Gogoanime not running in my country?

It is not running in most countries because the IP provider of your countries has blocked the website. They prevent the site because it streams all paid videos in free of cost and copyrighted content. It may affect the business of paid video streaming like Netflix, Amazon, etc.

How to access Gogoanime in blocked countries?

Accessing Gogoanime in blocked countries is quite easy. It would help if you had a VPN connection to watch it from any country. To use it in blocked countries, connect any VPN from unblocked countries, and try opening the website. You can try any of the VPN paid or free. Here is the list of some VPN checkout now.

How does Gogoanime make money?

It generates revenue from the ads that it shows on the app. It also receives a lot of business proposals from around the world to promote the products of businesspeople.

Is the official website? is one of its websites. As we already know that revealing the original name will ban the site in the countries so, it regularly makes changes to its website address to don’t let anyone know about the official website.

Final Words

If you are an anime lover, then Gogoanime is the best option for you. You can watch anime of your choice all around the world in any language if it is available or enjoy them with subtitles. It is the best gift for those who don’t want to waste their money on paid video streaming website. Those who know about this website are enjoying the best free anime watching experience in their countries. All anime lovers can enjoy in their free time to watch exciting episodes.

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