7 Seeds Season 3: The Anime Series Is Officially Coming?

7 Seeds Season 3

Japanese anime series has acquired a great reputation in the world over the past so many years. We have been blessed with the best of the best anime for the past so many decades and there is no age bar to these animation dramas still today. 7 seeds are one of those anime dramas which have been another example of famous anime dramas. 

The popularity of this drama has been overseas and after the series was released its two seasons back to back. The fans started to wonder if there would be a third season of it or not

With amazing visuals and the storyline, I clearly see that the anime world would still be famous in the upcoming years.

7 seeds are based on the manga series that shares the same name by Yumi Tamura. The story follows the time of the post-apocalyptic period and has been revolving around young adults. The manga series was released in 2017 and is a new manga, people didn’t expect the series to be this popular. 

Surprisingly, the manga series became popular on the day of release. It is very common for Japanese animation studios to adapt the series into an anime. After 2 years, Yukio Takahashi finally decided to release the anime series based on manga. After the two seasons were released on Netflix, fans started to wonder if there would be 7 Seeds 3 in the future or not. 

We have gathered all the information through our proven sources and all the official updates that would help you to understand the possibility of Season 3 of 7 Seeds. If you are interested to know then read this article till the end. 

7 Seeds Season 3: Renewed Or Not?

7 Seeds Season 3

7 Seeds was officially released on 28 June 2019 on Netflix and the fans initially responded average towards the series but ultimately liked it. 

After a year, the 7 Seeds season 2 was confirmed. Despite the first season of the series being rated average by the fans, the creators officially renewed the series. Season 2 also got an average rating, making all of us believe that there would be no more 7 seeds season.

After the creators leaving most of the things unclosed after the season finale. Leaving the story in the half, the audience was wondering if there would be another part. The future of 7 seeds Season 3 is bright enough and we think there will be another season for sure. 

Minions are just the cutest thing for Disney. The little yellow mumbling crackhead has been a fan favorite, the popularity of the show has pressured Disney to release Despicable Me 4. 

7 Seeds Season 3: When is it Coming on Netflix?

7 Seeds Season 3 updates

There are ready high chances of 7 seeds to return back on Netflix. The second season of this series has already been a popular show for the viewers. The show has received average ratings but the cliffhanger of the series would definitely make another turn. 

After the first season of the 7 Seeds was released, fans started to wonder about everything they have read in the manga. The manga series already got 20 conditions and almost 15 editions are left to be covered. With the bulk of the storyline already being available to the creators, there is no denying that the creators would cancel the series. 

On the other hand, The 7 seeds Season 2 was left on a suspense note, the series still had a bunch of voids to be filled in. Initially, the first season received average ratings but over time, the popularity of this show increased. 

Since there is no official statement available, we can’t confirm whether the series would be happening or not. But many voids are already confirming the renewal of this series. 

We are still waiting for the officials to release their statement so that the audience would be relieved to know about it. 

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7 Seeds Season 3 Plot: What can we Expect With the Plot?

7 Seeds Season 3 news

The story of 7 seeds Season 3 would continue from where it ends. Season 3 of the series would bring back all the things that have happened in the season finale of the last episode. Fans are waiting to hear what would happen in the series after the whole squad got into the issue. 

We saw in the last season that Arashi, Natsu, and Ango got into huge conflicts. 

On the other side, the deadly bacteria have hatred to become more vigorous and affect the tone of people already. The time is limited and our heroes are preparing to have something big this time. 

All of the favorites would reunite to fight against the bacteria and it would be great to encounter all these things through our screen. The weapons are already prepared and being a big anime fan, I can undoubtedly say that the scenes are going to be amazing. 

Season 2 has already seen a lot of hurdles but I can clearly see that things will get on the sides of their hand. 

There is nothing confirmed regarding the plot of the anime series and the fans are wondering if this story would match with the manga or not. However, the creators have already said in the statement that the anime would be different. With the manga bit to keep the things real, some of the scenes would be the same while enough variance would be brought to make the viewers entertained. 

Is there any Official trailer for the Series?

7 seeds have already released two seasons of their anime series back to back. With the 7 seeds Season 3 already having a high possibility to return, fans are already wondering if their series would be back or not. 

With all these things, the fans of 7 seeds Season 3 have been waiting to hear the news from the officials. On the other hand, the wait for the official trailer is increasing. If you are looking for the 7 seeds Season 3 official trailers then sadly there is nothing. So far, the officials have not released any trailer for the anime series. But being new to this show, you can still watch the official trailer of the first season.

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