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The technological advancement that has been happening over the last couple of years has overseen the change in many aspects of our life. One of them is the children gaming industry. In the past, the traditional method for children to entertain themselves was by playing with toys bought from the local toy stores. However, these days gaming apps that are designed for kids are the way to go.

If you’re worried that online games will negatively influence your children, fret not! This is because we’re talking about educational gaming apps that will benefit your children and serve as entertainment.

These educational games help children to learn critical thinking skills, which will prepare them for the real world. In addition, they will be able to utilise the skills to progress and move forward in school. This is why we can guarantee these apps are a good investment in the long run. We have listed a few educational gaming apps that you can download in your smartphone which your child will surely benefit from!

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CodeSpark Academy

Coding is the future and no one can deny that. That is why codeSpark Academy is the perfect game for children who have just started developing an interest in coding activities. This app will help equip your child with the necessary STEM and future-oriented skills.

codeSpark Academy allows your children to design games and interactive tales using a wordless interface and exciting gameplay. The games also offer tailored daily assignments based on a child’s developmental stage, which keeps a child’s interest and motivates young learners to engage with the game. This app is suitable for youngsters from ages five years and above.

Curious World

Curious World is an educational platform made for kids from the age of two to seven years old. This app consists of various books, games and videos that help children find their interests and self-confidence. This game is full of activities that educate your child and serve as entertainment for them.

Curious World is like a one-stop platform for all the educational books, games, videos and activities you can get for your children. It is entirely appropriate for your children. Hence, you do not need to be worried about the PG rating for specific content. On top of that, this app also allows kids to engage in craft projects and science experiments. So, it is an excellent resource for them to learn from to avoid boredom. This is why this app is one of the best educational games for young learners out there.


Many kids struggle with mathematics as it is one of the most challenging subjects to learn. However, no one can deny its importance as it promotes reasoning and logical thinking. This app is an intuitive and engaging learning tool that assists children in learning mathematics at their own pace. This helps to eliminate the pressure that most young learners face at school.

DragonBox utilizes attractive graphics such as animated dragons and icons to keep its users engaged throughout the course. At each level of the game, young learners are given instructions to help them understand the game. Afterwards, they are free to choose whether they prefer to go into basic or more complex themes within the game. From young children learning the basics of algebra to teenagers understanding the Euclidean proofs, this app is truly a beneficial learning tool for your child.

Draw It

One of the reasons why parents love this game is because it encourages creativity within young learners. What makes this Draw It so addictive is that it teaches children to learn about mixing colours and helps to guide young learners to different functions.

This entertaining app is an excellent way for your kids to be creative and artistic while still having fun! It allows your children to draw, colour, paint and embellish in a very simple way. While playing on your HP laptop, you can see that Draw It also has multiple options when it comes to drawing tools. It is a game that parents should check out, as it allows kids to develop their artistic skills.


Duolingo is one of the top educational tools out there. It is popular not just among children but adults as well. This learning game app allows you to learn new languages through interactive tales, podcasts and other methods. It boasts a vast library with over thirty-four languages, with English as its base language.

This educational game gives your children to learn a new language at a more advanced level. The good news is that it allows youngsters to learn the same chapter repeatedly until they understand it completely. Before using the app, your child will be required to go through a placement test to determine their language comprehension level. Following that, Duolingo will create a course according to the users’ abilities.

Adventure Academy

Source: Unsplash.com – @Smarter Learning Guide

Adventure Academy is a comprehensive learning tool suitable for kids between eight and thirteen. This app includes subjects ranging from math and physics to English and social studies, all of which are taught through exciting and thought-provoking educational games.

These educational games provide a variety of tasks, allowing children to put their screen time to good use while letting their imaginations run wild. It’s an excellent method for children to study, play, and revise throughout the summer.

Adventure Academy is an online multiplayer learning game app with a virtual classroom. It lets kids create their own characters, give them names, and dress them up in various clothing and accessories. They can talk with their pals or disable that option in the settings on their Android phone. It allows individuals to create and personalize their own schools and homes and engage in learning activities while exploring this vast virtual environment.


SplashLearn offers exciting and dynamic practice in the form of games and flashcard-style exercises that may be used to complement a student’s mathematics and reading courses. Every student’s experience on SplashLearn is different, and the challenge level varies as they progress.

It works well in both in-class and remote learning contexts, giving students a consistent learning experience regardless of where they are. This educational game software provides a fun yet still organized and successful approach to revising, which children would enjoy. This is because it uses a vibrant animated environment with bonuses and awards. SplashLearn also allows teachers to build free accounts to monitor their student’s progress and give them feedback.

There is a lot of proof that children learn better via play and fun, which is why educational games are vital. The top educational game apps for kids make learning enjoyable for children, assisting them in mastering anything from reading to arithmetic to science while having fun.

Simply put, using apps in education has forever altered how we learn. Remember that many of these applications include free trials. Hence, take advantage of them by downloading apps from the list above to see which educational games work best for your children.


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